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With the many different sources, you need to keep to the TRUE style: First one must passively master, learning to understand and interpret subconsciously; only then is one ready to actively seek and use the Runes, remembering artistic license is expected and never forgetting;

~~ Do What Thou Wilt ~~

~ nothing more ~
~ nothing less ~

Runes wilt thou find, & read the staves,

very strong staves, very stout staves,

that FimbulthulR stained,

made by the mighty YggR,

risted by the prophetic HroptR:

Well, would you know more or what?!

        HAVAMAL: verse #134


    With all the variously different sources telling you their's is the 'true' Futhark, you're better off finding a source that delves into the 'truest' meanings for you! Do not be content with but only a few, instead constantly strive for more input, thus insuring yourself of not becoming programmed by someone else's thoughts, feelings, and workings ~ for this is a system that needs constant care and affection by those who desire to succeed! Therefore if you wish to learn of the many Futhark's symbols individually, needs you must look elsewheres; for my intent is not to dabble into the various meanings and interpretations singly, but rather delve into as a whole system: {realize that there are over 310,000 sites on the web alone offering one form or another of the Northern model of spiritual insight; a system needing full concentration to properly achieve the Cosmic Force of Spiritual Mysteries}.

    I will briefly touch upon various interpretations there & here through-out this site, but feel there is no need to explain the Futhark individually, (Until Now that is.. who would have guessed that this site would expand the way that it has.. Ida Known, that's who!), simply because of my personal understandings being far from the implied main-stream ~ Uruz one moment can be full of pure health and well-being; then in the blink of an eye, can become a pair of horns rending your body (or someone else's) apart ~ Therefore I say find your own truths, and seek for yourself. For within your own Self lie your true pathways.


    Because we, Ida & I, are new to the WWW: Imbolc 1998; we were hesitant to include all of which we know, feel, and think concerning the Runes and our beliefs. But as we continue to wade in the net, we realize that it is important not only for us, but also to any and all who seek ever further input …as do we all in this enlightening time.

Herefore Together we State:

By the Power of three times three
and All that is holy,
here do I Spin what envelops me:


    The following are Ćttier poems and gifted with brief definitions after each. Each containing the eight individual runes in their own groupings and italicized for an easier defined understanding, at least that is my hope "S". It is important to note the process of growth marked in succession by each Ćtt, from seeking birth to extending growth to achieving full power. There is no sign of degeneration in any of the three, other than that of self-defeat, for the specific reason that this system is for the living seeker, not the dead scholar, therefore Enjoy...


Gathered for the blot, harmonious agreements are brought forth to Thy wild and divine bond, which gives us defense from the Jötnar who are the devourers of the land~getters. By Thy mead of thought we journey to that World under all Worlds and are returned hale once again; thus, we who do pledge are initiated and brought back as the glorified ones of Thee.

This first Aett is initiatory in the form of prayer, staying physical and mild, while describing all beings coming forth into existence as well as teaching basic characteristics and personal talents that must be learnt and mastered on the path to higher consciousness.


Striving against the furious~edge storm, the hoard~robber increases Iarnsaxa's Wind, which enables him to become a hawk~spirited skyli so that Sif may be harvested and the host fed. Drengir then turns his Minds Eye inwards, causing Wolf~Sister's brü to echo, creating an internal oppressor. A choice then is made between the victories of MidgardR and AsgardR, and only then will the spiritual salvation be used, which may or may not allow for that of the physical salvation.

Realizing that this Aett is highly emotional and severe, success through strife can be achieved. It describes the necessary anatagonistic forces, subjective trials and confrontations to be experienced on the spiritual path, along with the fulfillment of completion and eventual success from having gone thru these growing pains.


The Powers offer Vidblain's highest grace on MidgardR, good recompense to come, and aid in times of Hiadning's weather. To gain this, all holđar must fulfill their wyrd in the web of the Nornier; to continue through the doorways, to take UllR's ring, to be one with the peoples in thought and action, to be An Sich, to use one's estate on behalf of the forces of Light, knowing at the same time the forces of Dark.

Realize positive understanding of life in a community which in turn honours its Goddesses and Gods, while being mental and balanced. This Aett gives an overview of the human condition, revealing the characteristics of runic energies at their peak. Including a self~sacrificing discipline of ancestral incarnations.


    Magickly there are no bounds within, {or without for that matter}, the Ćtts; except for the Vitki's own limitations. I tend to think towards binding both astrally and physically to produce a more substantial result. But as in all, things what succeeds for one will not produce for another in the same way. So again I state ~ find your own paths amongst us even if you stumble into the brier patch, as do we all upon occasion. Remembering always that every step is positive only if a lesson has been heeded for future consultation.

    Now Then.. there are eighteen galdr, or runic songs deriving from the Hávamál; the first nine magickly draw away from the Vitki, whilst the second nine magickly draw into; thus creating the equal bipolar Northern Thought process. None can seem to agree on whether these correspond with the Younger Futhark, or with the Eldar Futhark, although I happen to personally believe in the theory that these derive from a lost futhark of eighteen rune staves, said to originate way before the time of the early Bronze Age. How-ever, it does not matter which set they correspond to, because by themselves or combined, they are truly an intuitive impression to continuously meditate upon, as is the entire system, including all of the Saga's and Edda's. There-fore I give you the following link…

The Sayings of Hár


    There are four ancient Rune Poems known to date; as well as countless interpretations since ~ written down thru time. The ancient Poems are known for their source of origin or place of transcript. They are Olde English, Olde Islandic,  Olde Norsk  and the  Abecedarium Nordmanicum  which is a rare runic verse found in a Swiss manuscript from the early 800's. The best preserved and dating back to the early ninth century Common Era, with Kristianized overtones, simply because it was the monks who set them down on parchment, happens to be the  Olde English  Poem. It is the source most commonly referred upon by both students and scholars alike when working with the Runic meanings. I suggest obtaining and perusing all four sources, for a more thoroughly precise and complete understanding on the original thoughts and interpretations, therefore I have transcribed them for your convienence ~ here then is the  Olde Islandic  style, which to me is the least butchered or tainted, simply because the Faith, or Troth, in Iceland did not disappear from public sight until the mid 1600's, and even then, continued amongst the family clans, knowingly supported by most, to this day. I have also included My Own  Personal Rune Poem  which is a personally interpretive and truely thought provoking page to further induce interests and understandings toward the Northern Tradition of the Now. Recently I happened across these  New Rune Poems  which are worth spending time on in my opinion, for they get the creative juices flowing freely. Which is what the Tradition is all about...

      …Individuality of Free~Will.

Hail and Faire Thee Well



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