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Olde Swiss Rune Poem


Written in the early eight hundreds and probably the oldest rune poem on parchment to date, the Abecedarium Nordmanicum was discovered in a St. Gall manuscript written in a mixture of High and Low Germanic, with Old English glosses. It may have originally been gathered together for missionary work among the Asatrü Norse-men by the clergy. This manuscript, which lists the Younger Futhark, contains a great deal of esoteric troth for the faithful Seeker, and is far more than a mere mnemonic containing the runic names in concise order, simply for the viewing pleasure of its readers.

fee   fee first,
ur   aurochs after,
thurs   thurs the third stave,
ase   the Åse is above him,
rad   wheel is written last,
kan   then cleaves cancre;
hel   hail has   neth   need
iss   ice,   jer   year,   sunna   and sun.
tiu   Tiu,   bercka   birch,   askR   and man
in the middle
lagu water the bright,
yew yew holds all.


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