URUZ  uruz

 Personalized Information 


Rune Number;
02   1st Ætt


GaldR Sound;
a steady, yet forceful
lowing, as that of a bull.
ooo, oah, eeo, uay, oho



dark green


birch tree


sudden change,
brings into being,
vital healing megin,
raw strength & primal tenacity


 Mystical Meanings 

Aurochs, it is a savage beast,
fierce with huge horns to fight,
a famous roamer of the moor,
a courageous animal of the land.

  The auroch was a wild ox, very large and very fierce, in descriptions it sounds very much like the Longhorn, standing six feet at the shoulder. Uruz is associated with the primal creative force, primitive, earliest or original. The German ursprache used linguistically to refer to "original sounds." In the Oxford English Dictionary Ur also refers to the unarticulated sound which would also be apt. It is also an archaic form of "our." Audhumla, the great cow which was formed from the dripping rime produced from fire and ice. She was the "shaping force" that licked the ice into the primal giant, and was the source of sustenance for the cosmic giant Ymir. It is a spiritual or creative force which pervades the universe, something like "mana" of the Polynesian traditions, a vital essence. The shape is likened to the horns of the primal cow or the auroch. The runemaster or magician learns to control or direct it with the knowledge that it can be dangerous, and though controlable, it is undomesticable. It represents force and freedom, or a force always straining to be free if contained. It is protective, as the auroch, when used in defense of one's territory or children. I associate it with the primal well, Urth. In a runic reading it is a formative or protective force, unmanifested but which can shape things to come.

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 Further Understandings 

Danger and force I willingly face,
triumphantly purged of fear,
awaiting my orlog of Wyrd.

  The primary healer within the Futhark, Uruz calls forth a basic manifestation which occurs with one's hamr shape, or organic energies, of life. Bringing with it positive growth to purge, purify, and regenerate one's primal instincts, one must be wary of disappointments, obsessions, and dominance by others. The raw, tame-less power opens the way for unlimited creative potentials and unconscious shaping energies which brings into being not only sudden change, but also pierces the veils of other realms. Defining origin and destiny, this is the Rune of Wyrd. A patient humility shall bring forth good fortune, yet one's own endurance is sure to be tested. Fear not, instead one must have bold courage and tenacious will-power to advance towards one's inner goals. By having the freedom to let go the mental baggage which weighs one down, the questing of pure, galvanized thoughts become a reality. Without the personal disipline of sacrificing a part of one's self so as to attain happiness, or any higher consciousness, only a form of lip-service is given to one's Self.

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