.."Magick is the Science and Art
of causing Change to occur
in conformity with Will"..

Aleister Crowley


There is no inbetween in the Arts,
it's actually indivisible!
For within each of us is the power to do either/or

J.C. Jensen


Mr. Webster defines benign as: of a gentle disposition; showing kindness; mild good heartedness; emotionally or morally kind, couragously kindly, not malignant :...
While showing malevolent as: having, showing, or arising from ill will, spite, or hatred; evil in nature, influence, or effect; desire to cause injury or distress to another :...
Now, you choose, which you would rather have return three~fold.

Decisions... Decisions...


Day is Night
Night is Day
Now is Time
For this Rite
Listen I Say
Power Is Mine
All is Light
I'll not Stray
Reveal the Sign
Send Your Might
Mold this Clay
Mountains I'll Climb
In YOUR Honour


Ida Leanansidhe


We, here at The Kewel Ristar, shall be adding more information concerning the sending out of spells and charms during the coming months as our schedules permit,
which appears to have been severely limited! {;-)

     For this first installment, we would like to state that we believe there is no truth as to the commonly believed statement of.. "an' it harm none", for surely somewheres someone or something is being harmed by the simplest of workings, no matter the purity of the cause.

   There are many examples to illustrate our point; i.e. Job Magicks in order for you to gain that raise, promotion, or what-have-you, someone else, perchance more qualified, loses out.. Love Magicks no matter how you look at it you are still forcing another's will into something they are not.. Prosperity Magicks you gain it, someone else looses it, no matter the situation.. Weather Magicks forcing your will upon Mother Erce is definately hurting the local, if not national environment.. Light Magicks if you only do "white" workings, there has to be someone doing the same amount of Dark Magicks in order to keep the balance pure..

   If you but honestly look within, you will agree that without balance all would be one way or another. Mr. Crowley stated "..and the whole of the Law shall be Do As Thou Will". The fundamentalists then came along and added "an' it harm none.." because, in our opinion, they were afraid of the Raw Power of Self, and of what others might do with the said energies. Realize that within each and every one of us are the energies of both Law & Chaos, you cannot take from one without jepordizing the other, therefore a balance within is one of the many True ways to seek the Key of Knowledge.. Take everything with a grain of salt in hand.

   Until next we meet..

May Yee Guide Heimdall's Reaver Ever Forward.

    Now then, about circles.. In the Northern Tradition there is no real need for a circle to be cast that I am aware of, except perhaps for personal preference or for the Folk Celebrations. Try to comprehend, if you will, and understand that it is our belief here at The Kewel Ristar that we inhabit a protective circle which was erected by The Trine of Odin, Vili, Ve. It is a continual, unbroken, and always ever-present circle which we inhabit for the most part, and it is entitled MidgardR. Do not mis-judge, for we are neither careless nor hap-hazard, although I have been known to be some-what jovial in a bumbling sense. We tend, however, to be intently focused in what we Will to achieve from any of our various workings. Should there be a need for a protective ring, mayhaps in the need to contain an energy which could otherwise wreck havok if it were not contained, or as when working with others to bind the Will of all involved together. We will join together as one in casting a circle to hold the energies, such as in a Blot Rite or a Seasonal Celebration, and we have been known to send out across the Lands for energies, but on the whole that is again more towards Ceremonial Practices.

   Does it not seem a simple waste of drawn energies as you raise a circle to contain the Will lest it escape while you focus upon your Intent. The whole idea of casting a circle is so that you can focus upon what you Will to be, containing it until the time of Release. It is actually a first step in visualization, so I can see the need for some to use this method. If it works for you, use it. The whole concept of Religion is one of awakening Spiritual Consciousness, not about what you get out of it - but what you give into it, but don't forget a banishment works wonders if things become a tad bit too sticky - too fast for your liking.

   Norse Paganism truly is more shamanistic than ceremonial, all things considered. It is satr for the current here & now, it is a true spur of the moments-notice style of eclectism, which I might add, has its own benefits along with the drawbacks - not unlike any of the other numerous Traditions that are presently being practiced, but that is for another un-timely installment mayhaps. I would like to close this round by stating that it's just not my style to have a definitive style, so I say to each their own, as what works for you, may not work for me...

The sharpness of one's mind better serves
than that of the tongue's harsh edge.


Looking for the  MAGICKS   aren't you ???



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