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In order to Prove, you MUST find truth by experimentation!

algiz, a rune of your fylgia

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The ideologies represented here on this page, as well as through-out this site, are a culmination of Old Norsk and Wiccan heathenism that best represent who and what Ida and I, Yens, are and stand for. In my beliefs, in each reincarnation we have dominate characteristics of certain Ancient Ones. And obligatory, insightful lessons to learn in order to improve our physical and spiritual beings for the next term. If we decline to heed these lessons, we then regress and must go at it again, although perhaps not in the same format!

It is obvious to those who look, of the sublime patterns which underlie the boundless expressions of mythical scriptures. All give an overview of the Universe, its function and cessation, and then show how divine consciousness reflects itself as a creation in time and space; always requiring personal insight on the part of the observer.
Unlike other religions, the Northern Tradition requires worthship, not worship, an acknowledgement of recognition. Everything relates and is connected to everything else, from the Super Nova to the Falling Leaf, a linking of all parts, dependent one upon another, upon another, upon another...

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Symbolisms are everywhere, just be and you shall notice sights, sounds, elements, quantities, qualities, etc. Look to the abstract and you shall see anew ~ reach for the intangible and you shall feel for the first time. Let not your preconceived mentality restrict you ~ as Jimmy Buffett states: "changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes." He's not singing about moving physically, but about opening the mind up. Try it, you'll be pleasantly surprised,... I was.

Yggdrasil, The Tree Of Life
is an excellent example of symbolisms. It may refer to a complete Universe of Worlds, bearing all existing worlds on its branches; but realize that each one of us is, in our own right, rooted in the divine as well, and we contain an omnipresent spirit which draws nourishment through our triadic roots. Roots which are in their own turn symbolized by the Nornier. Urd, containing both facts of natural information and of cosmological events shows cause and effect or free destiny within a self~created condition; Verthandi, drawing from absolute experience of the divine moment thereby interprets wisdom and consciousness into mortality; Skuld, containing all of the requirements needed to fulfill the different expressions of consciousness, shows nothing is immortal, for destructive forces are continuously re-shaping the present towards the future, ensuring further advancements, or total extinction of Life.
We have an exact replica of this process within Nature herself, occurring every Spring with the budding and blooming hue; continuing in the Summer by an abundance of ripened fruit; then followed in the Autumn by the withdrawal of sap into the foundation of life to nourish the root system, Winter then becomes Death where the re-generational process begins once more. This, in turn, provides yet another example through symbolism of the complex intelligence and wisdom of our Ancient Ones. Remember to Deny nothing, Question everything, and Learn ever more!

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It is never a good idea to Muse over things under the influence of any chemical substance for the simple reason that you are under its influence. No matter how well you think you are doing, you're not doing ~ the substance is. And this in turn leads to false pathways, which at the time may seem to be the 'true' way. It may be years later before you realize where you were lead astray, or you may never learn ~ all from an induced vision brought on by Man's attempt to chemically better what the Ancient Ones have already given us ~ Which Is •.......•

Well..? Haven't you deduced that by now ???

   ...The Ability To Look Inside Ourselves.

Just recently, (Feb/11/1998), I was sadly fortunate to be invited to a ceremonial Stone Peoples Lodge, to honour an old Brøðir who passed on recently to the SummerLand while still in his prime, (45 yrs. young). A Stone People Lodge is a Lakota 'sweat-house' for lack of a better description. There is no way to describe the days of fasting and sleep deprivation in preparation, all the while conditioning the mind to accept nothing but what the Ancient Ones send.

After six rounds of cooling with droplets of water and placing herbs upon Grandmother and Grandfather, we all were in good shape, but it wasn't until the seventh round, {a round is when additional Stone People are brought into the lodge ~ Stone People are the Ancients residing within volcanic rock}, that I began to understand that there is more than we can ever regain in one lifetime, but to never give in and be content ~ always push the envelope just a little further, the only thing that will happen is an awakening of the inner Self.

Afterwards, sharing what each of us had felt or been given, we broke fast, siblings in the truest sense. So you see, there are many alternatives to Man's chemicals, you just have to want them.
The answers are there ~ where are you??

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I believe that the use of 'stimulants' are not the only way to spiritual enlightenment, but are indeed a common one. Natural herbals and hallucinogenics were not meant to be daily abused the way that they are in today's society, but they do, in fact, have their roles to play in the ceremonial process of communing with not only the inner spirit, but also the outer, or higher spirit as well. The body must be prepared for such a system shock, and only a minimal amount is to be ingested ~ if any at all. We are blessed with the senses of sound, sight, smell, touch, and taste.. all should be combined together to enhance the sixth sense for a truly spiritual experience one will not likely soon forget.

To ingest a 'simple' or potion in an attempt to commune with higher powers takes a rather involved process of preparation involving first a fasting of food, alcohol, tobacco, and intercourse of ALL types for no less than 12 days to three weeks, depending upon your current dietary intake, while ingesting only fruits and vegetables for bodily cleansing; after which you shall drink only fluid juices of a pure content, (not the store bought stuff, to many different chemicals & preservatives in them), this process is to last for at the least a minimum of seven days, although more would not harm your bodily or mental functions; now you are primed for drinking nothing more than water, water, water – for no less than five days, where-upon your body, mind, and spirit shall be pure ~ although your minds–thoughts may not be !!!

During this involved process of fasting, you will begin to notice subtle changes in the environment around you. Listen to what you hear, but make no mountain from a mole-hill. Experience your inner child, while enjoying the outer realms of thought. Let your imagination flow freely, while sensing the world around you. Involve the whole clan, (household, kindred, coven, ect.), for this will make it not only an easier fast - but full of fun as well. Put your entire being into it, morn, noon, and night ~ for it can indeed be successfully accomplished !!!

Once the cleansing process is fully complete you will have become a new people full of vital energies awaiting a directional course of action. Now is the time to invoke the All, begin your Rite of Power, experience the joy of emotional ecstasy, relish in it, and enjoy your new–found reality as you begin this life-time anew.

May Your Goddesses & Gods
Be With You All-Ways
Bright Journey

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