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Now you get to learn The Northern Tradition of numbers!

Measuring is done by direct division, and although it sounds confusing; once investigated,you will wonder why the systems we now use ever became the norm. Counting, on another hand, is Runically done by eights, threes and ones: all magickly significant in their own right. Later will I go into detail concerning these aspects.

barb line

   The Northern ell, and the Natural foot, are primarily a measure of land as seen in the fathom, the rod, the furlong,and the mile.

   See if you follow; both the natural foot and the northern foot are subdivided into shafthands, three for a natural foot and four shafthands for a northern. Each shafthand then is subdivided into three thumbs and four thumbs respectfully, each thumb is again subdivided into barleycorns, which is the smallest measure.

   SO: the natural foot is 27 barleycorns, or 9 thumbs, or three shafthands in length; while the northern foot is 36 barleycorns, or 12 thumbs, or four shafthands in length. Continuing in this pattern we then have; One ell measuring as 2 northern feet, 8 shafthands, 24 thumbs, or 72 barleycorns. One fathom measuring as 3 ells, 6 northern feet, 24 shafthands, 72 thumbs, or 216 barleycorns. One rod measuring as 2 1/2 fathoms, 7 1/2 ells, 15 northern feet, 60 shafthands, 180 thumbs, or 540 barleycorns. One furlong measures as 40 rods, 100 fathoms, 300 ells, 600 northern feet, 2,400 shafthands, 7,200 thumbs, or 21,600 barleycorns. One mile then measures 8 furlongs, 320 rods, 800 fathoms, 2,400 ells, 4,800 northern feet, 19,200 shafthands, 57,600 thumbs, and 172,800 barleycorns. Are you still with me?...Excellent, let's continue!

   Based on geometry rather than mathematics, it makes for dividing a linear object in half, then halving it again, then again, thus we produce halves, quarters, eighthes, etc. Which gives it practical applications for agriculture, trade, craftspeople, and cooking just to name a few. Three consecutive dividings produce eighthes, forming the sacred basis of the 3~8 link, indicating triadic completion. Most importantly, this form of measuring gives the underlying mystical framework of cosmological understanding for the Nine Worlds, and acts as a reference point through which these Northern Mysteries can be approached.

   Realize that there is a place in MidgardR for the metric system {not that I know where ~ Technologically speaking!}. Let us not discard another important piece of our ancestry for the sake of modernization. For Northern measure has a vast storehouse of numerical symbolisms within which to work. So why wait, go out and make yourself up your own mete~wand, {or measuring stick} using the measurements of the North.


   Agrippa seems to have the system of numbers down quite well in my opinion... Therefore you will notice quite a few of his interpretations mixed in among my own thoughts. Then again... Alright, since we can go on ad infinitum, let us be concerned only with the root number of one thru to the sacred number of nine...

  1.   This is the root of solitary forces, Just in itself. Anything created must return to these true, self~reliant beginnings of a positive nature. It is the symbol of identity, harmony and conservation, having no parts. Vary rare in Northern mythological and runic references, although it does contain the first rune of all three Aetts, or verse~vicea. Therefore making it a positive principle in theory. Masculine in nature, this number is ruled by Baldur, {the Sun} and represents the sign of his realm Breithablikk or 'Broadveiw' {Leo} in the Zodiacal 5th House of Creativity and Sexual Nature, the House of your heart. Associated colors are in the yellow, orange, and brown families, and it is at its peak during the daylight hours. Natural element being Fire, gems are: ruby, amber, topaz and yellow diamond. The best days would be Sunna's Dag, followed by Tor's Dag.
  2. ~§•§~~~§•§~~~§•§~

  3.   Of complementary divine tandem equaling the odd even, or negative, because it is procreative in itself. The number of contrasts, it is a symbol of diversity, division, and of separations. Used for orderly confusion, change, strengthening, binding, and cooperation in symbolic understandings of the Self within the self. Feminine in nature, this number is ruled by Heimdal {the Moon} and represents the sign of his realm Himminbjorg or 'Heaven–Hall' {Cancer} in the Zodiacal 4th House of Home Life, in both a physical and emotional sense. Associated colors are in the white, cream, and green families, and is at its peak during hours of the night. Natural element being Water, gems are: pearls, cat's–eyes, jade, and moonstone. The best days would be Mani's Dag, followed by Frigg's Dag, also known as Freyjå's Dag.
  4. ~§•§~~~§•§~~~§•§~

  5.   Ahhh, the triadic forces of action. It is the first truly Holy number of completion because every thing is composed of three parts, containing the most sublime mysteries. The root force of generosity, meditation, atonement, optimism, and completeness. Staying completely neutral, it may be used to quicken or move things into action, changing what has come before. Masculine in nature, and ruled by Thunar {Jupiter}, this number represents Njord's realm of Nøatün or 'Shipyard' {Pisces} in the 12th House of Secrets, Sorrows and Self–Undoing, the House of spiritual debt; as well as Ullr's realm of Ydalir or 'Valley of Yews' {Sagittarius}, in the 9th House of Mental Exploration and Long Distance Travel, the House of the higher mind. Associated colors are in the lilac, mauve, and purple family, and is at its peak continually. Natural element being Fire, gems are: all purple and violet–colored stones. The best days would be Tor's Dag, followed by Frigg's Dag.
  6. ~§•§~~~§•§~~~§•§~

  7.   Containing power, solidity, and status~quo. It is the foundation and root square of equal geometry leading to orderly, firm truthfulness. Representing the first mathematical power, the generating virtue, it brings forth all combinations. Feminine in nature, and ruled over by Ullr {Uranus}, the number four represents Vali's realm of Valaskjalf or 'Halls of Silver' {Aquarius} in the 11th House of Friends and Hopes and Wishes, the House of idealism and vision. Associated colors are in the greys and plaid shades, and it is at its peak during the odd hours of the day. Natural element being Air, gems are: topaz and sapphire. The best days are Sunna's Dag followed by Odhinn's Dag.
  8. ~§•§~~~§•§~~~§•§~

  9.   The Just middle according to Agrippa, simply because by dividing 9 & 1, or 8 & 2, or 7 & 3, or any numbers making 1Ø, five is always right there in the middle of it all. Actually it is the number of ordered space and time containing a powerful invoking formula of each; spirituality, knowledge, wisdom, freedom, and love. Masculine in nature, this number is ruled by Odhinn {Mercury}, representing Freyjå's realm of Folkvang or 'Field of Warriors'{Gemini} in the 3rd House of Communication, the House of logic, memory, and manual skills; as well as Frigg's realm of Sokkvabekk or 'Stream of Time and Events' {Virgo} in the 6th House of Service and of Health, the House of attitude and constitution. Associated colors with number five are mixed, light colors. Its peak is both night and day. Natural element being Air, gems are: diamonds and yellow sapphires. The best days are Odhinn's Dag followed by Frigg's Dag.
  10. ~§•§~~~§•§~~~§•§~

  11.   Also equally triadic. Partaking of every number before, and containing luck and chance, life and strength, honesty and beauty, it can create or destroy. Enhancing however the Vitki chooses to employ it ~ benignly or malevolently. Feminine in nature, ruled over by Freyjå {Venus}, and representing Skadi's realm of Thrymheim or 'Thunder–Home' {Taurus} in the 2nd House of Money and Possessions, the House of lucrative, mobile income; as well as Forseti's realm of Glitnir or 'Hall of Splendor' {Libra} in the 7th House of Partnership and Marriage, the House of harmony and visible enemies. Associated colors are in the lightest–light blue to the darkest–dark blue family, and is at its peak during the daylight hours. Natural element being Earth, gems are: emeralds and turquoise. The best days are Frigg's Dag, followed by Tor's Dag.
  12. ~§•§~~~§•§~~~§•§~

  13.   The true number of man, it does not arise, nor give rise to any other number in the decad, giving it manifold power. It is the positive number of death, inner peace & enlightenment. Used as a passive means of approaching the Spirit World, and containing certain natural, ceremonial and sacred elements. Masculine in nature, and ruled by Njord {Neptune}, the number seven is represented by Himminbjorg {Cancer} in the 5th House of Creativity and Seidr; as well as Nøatün {Pisces} in the 12th House of Wyrd. Associated colors fall into the family of pastels. The peak for this number is during the night. Natural element being Water, gems are: pearls, cat's–eyes, green jade, and moonstones. The best days are Mani's Dag, followed by Sunna's Dag.
  14. ~§•§~~~§•§~~~§•§~

  15.   Bringing complete manifestation and return of symmetry, this number divides equally, being squared in the truest sense, or cubed as a die. Used for organizational justice and solidity in its purest form, it can be seen mainly as a way of listing things in the Edda's and other Mytho~Magical lore. Feminine in nature, ruled by Vidar {Saturn}, and representing his realm of Landvîthi or 'White–Land' {Capricorn} in the 10th House of Career and Public Standing, the House of ambition and material success. Associated colors tend to be towards the dark; i.e. navy, dark blues and dark browns and black. The peak of this number is, of course true night. Natural element being Earth, gems are: black diamonds, and black pearls. The best days are Zater's Dag, followed by Frigg's Dag.
  16. ~§•§~~~§•§~~~§•§~

  17.   Three cubed and the number of the moon, this is the most Holy number; consisting of the psycho~cosmic root and may be taken to mean an endorsed cycle of confirmed completion. Transformational, eternal, and unending, it lends creative living and intuition to whatever or whomever it touches. Being eternal within itself, this number leads right back into the solitary root forces ~ the number one. Masculine in nature, ruled by Tyr {Mars}, and representing Odhinn's realm of Gladsheim or 'Shining–Home' {Scorpio} in the 8th House of Death and Regeneration, the House of material and spiritual transformations; as well as Thunar's realm of Bilskinir or 'Lightning' {Aries} in the 1st House of Self, the House of your outward behavior and self–interests. Associated colors are in the rose, crimson, and red families ~ from the lightest to the darkest. Tending to be at its peak during the night. Natural element being Fire, gems are: garnet, ruby, and bloodstone. The best days are Tyr's Dag, followed by Tor's Dag.


Now then, each rune has its own number and plays a key-role that has yet to be decipherable by scholars. Each seeker can and has developed their own system of counting ~ so use what you know.

Example: 527 is 5+2+7=14 which is 1+4=5
Now: 527-5=522 so 522÷9=58 which is 5+8=13 or 1+3=4
So: You have the 13th rune or the 1st rune~3rd Aett or the 4th rune.
Remember: If you can't divide the #9 into the remainder on the second step; go back and re-figure again until you can, it's like a fail~safe mechanism. It may seem a little confusing at first, but makes excellent example of mathematical and geometric genius.

The runic count {how many you use} indicates the realm or World it will manifest in, while the runic total {what they add up as} determines the true aim or willed outcome of the Vitki. The rune tally {obtained by adding these two numbers together} shows the way in which this may be obtained through magical means.
For further understandings concerning the Runecount, obtain Edred Thorsson's 'Futhark: A Handbook of Rune Magic'; and 'Runelore: A Handbook of Esoteric Runology', both are excellent sources for study of The Northern Mysteries.


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