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      The mighty ash tree, Yggdasil, supports the entire universe (Known, as well as Un-Known). It sprang from the body of Ymir (the Roarer), and has three immense roots, extending one into MidgardR (the dwelling place of mortals), another into Jøtunheim (the abode of the fierce giants), and the third extends below Niflheim (the realm of Icy Energy), into the region of Death and Decay. By the side of each of these three roots lies a spring, from which it is watered. The root which extends into MidgardR is carefully tended by three Goddesses,––the Norns, who are regarded as the dispensers of fate, or wyrd. They are known as Urd (that which was), Verðhandi (that which is), Skuld (that which could be). The spring in the realm of the Jøtuns is that fabled Well of Mimir (the Wise One), in which wisdom and wit lie hidden, and where Odhinn (the AllFather) daily consults. That third spring, Hvergålmer, flowing from below the realm Niflheim, also refreshes the dark dragon of despair, Nidhogg (the back–bitter), who perpetually gnaws upon the root of the tree of life. Four harts, Dain, Dvalin, Duneyr, & Durathror (the four winds), run across the branches of the tree, nipping the buds with their icy teeth. While a goat, Heithrun (ever filling the crocks with clearest mead for the Chosen of Volholl) and a hart, Eikthyrnir (the source of the Hvergålmir), continuously nibble at, while worms bore into, the bark. A squirrel, Ratatosk (of the Rat Tusk), runs constantly, exchanging malicious messages and insults from the abode of Nidhogg, up to the topmost branches where an eagle, Räsvälg (the source of all winds), resides with a hawk, Veðrfolnir (the far-seeing), perched between it's brow. Boughs overshadow MidgardR, always dripping the sweet nectar of dew, while under the Tree the Goddesses and Gods hold their meetings, or Tings, deciding upon the proper course of action for events which continually change from one moment to the next.

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Now then... upon meditative notes one can see Yggdrasil as the Northern center of the manifest universe, just dripping full with symbolisms; linked to, and by creation myths and legends which can be followed by a reasoning mind through the attainment of various sources of information (the Edda's, Saga's, and Faerie Tales). Each containing within it's Self not only outer or 'macrocosm' concepts, but also buried within are inner or 'microcosm' notions. We of the Northern Tradition hold to a 'worthship' not a 'worship' viewpoint, attaining an awareness that the physical world is a natural part of the cosmos and thus a rightful place for all of human-kind to learn and fulfill their spiritual destiny or Wyrd,... free, healthy, curious, challenged, and guiltless!

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