Personal Rune Castings


   I have been professionally using the runic system to impart useful information during personal readings for neigh on eleven years now, and have been involved for well over twenty years with the Craft of Occult Sciences.
   During the middle seven months of 1997 I ran a phone line for a popularly televised psychic-reading company, in addition to the regular castings for my long-term clients. I began to question my involvement of morals concerning this company and their ethics, when, one glorious day, I was praised for my standing within said company for having gained so many new customers for them, and suddenly realizing that most of the new accounts were on a tightly fixed income, I tendered my resignation right then and there. No longer could I endure to part the elderly from their SSI checks, and so I promptly quit, stating the why and where-fore of it all to them.
   I much prefer to help those who are knowingly aware of the amount of money with which they are spending, and thus have no qualms regarding the matter. I have listed a suggested donational amount of $10.00 (ten dollars) merely as a guide-line for you which covers two castings; one for me to determine where you are at this point in your life and one to broach the subject of your query. Payments will be arranged through a series of correspondences.
   I would like to state that during my stint of working on the phone I was repeatedly tested for proficiency, and was informed of being 85% to 87% accurate for each of the various testings, no easy task, what with the way they grill you on all sides.
   Some of the more common questions which I have been asked are about such things as; coming into money, health and well-being, domestic harmony, crop production, happiness, love, marriage, finances, home purchases, job aspects, school progression, travel arrangements, and even what colors to wear.
   So don't be shy or embarrassed for my sake, ask what you will and I will do what I can to help you discover what you need to know. I have provided a handful of genuine Testimonials for you to peruse.
   All readings will undoubtably contain information to a degree of which you are aware of, and of issues which happen to weigh heavily upon your thoughts and expressions that you are either aware of, or have repressed to your subconsciousness.
   In order to process your reading correctly and in a timely manner, please fill out the following form as completely as you possibly can. Your name and e-mail address are, of course, mandatory, so that I may return my findings to you.


    Realize that I shall never divulge any information which I have gleaned about the querant during my readings to any other, excepting than to said querant's address, nor shall I give, sell, or offer any E-mail or personal addresses which come into my possession because of said readings.
On UllR's ring this I do state.



E-mail addy:

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Time of Birth:   A.M.     P.M.

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Enter your query;

Explain, in detail, your main subject or concern for this reading;

Describe any necessary information; ie: sex, physical description, complexity of situation, etc.

Describe any necessary information about the person/s concerning the query other than self; ie: sex, physical description, complexity of situation, etc.



  I will respond as quickly as possible for each request. All requests are prioritized into the order in which they are received. All requests shall be followed with a response letter detailing the needed information of mailing address. Check or money-order to be cashed before any workings are to be commensed. Thank you for your understanding patience. Tranquility among the Towers of Nature.jpg


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