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~Pure Ramblings~

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ŹŹ Who's Perspective Anywhy:


Most seem to deny their natural urges and instincts, claiming instead that we are the ones who are wrong because we choose to follow along the paths of The Ancient Ones; although we sometimes stumble or stray, leading to many a fine adventure... or sometimes a lesson learned hard... we continuously proceed along the same routes as our ancestors (for are we not them); or as a Brođir of mine states, "We all at one point... time... space... or another find ourselves along the most comfortable... familiar... convenient... lifestyles whether we admit it or not. Simply because of our unwillingness to change... no wait, shall we instead call this... I mean that, our fear of the unknown.? Or is it what we can't see?"

Realize that by reading something to get what you want out of it is not the true angle to proceed; YES... you must read between the lines, forming your own ideas and conclusions; but sometimes that is a form of analyzing to the extreme leading you to making assumptions that are not actually there. Simply stated for those of you already forming your own conjections out of one verse; I mean realistically, don't take things out of context, follow the subject matter using the Basic English Skills, realizing that it may not be about the topic you think it is... for there is allways a three-fold context in the All... which are The Physical, Spiritual, Soul... or Life, Death, Re-Birth... and then there's the Male, Female, Bipolar aspects as well... Or would you prefer fivefold... Earth, Spirit, Air, Fire, Water... or Physical, Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Will... or Touch, Taste, Hear, Smell, Sight... If it is testimony which you seek look into Nature, for there is where you will find all topics, both realistic imaginable. Speaking of topics what's this one again???

Oh yea... there's a fine line between Zatersđag night and Sunnađag morn that the masses seems to conveniently blur together thinking that by paying lip~service one day a week is enough because they believe it so! Then they have the gumption to ridicule, harass, impede, & be downrite rude the rest of the time, blaming others for their blasphemous ways. Sheesh... there's a word for them peoples... Realize that those of us with near–death & –life experiences tend to be thankful every waking moment, enjoying the laughter of children in Sunna's warm rays... smelling the pure scents of the out of doors... at least what remains of them ~ being the beauty of the natural surroundings... seeing the idiots, and realizing that we once were just like them... well almost... hmmm... a little denial yet? Enjoy the hours of your life for they are far shorter than thou thinkest. Do for more than just you and yours (that's one of them silly sayings - are we not all related in some context?... NAAAAA). See the Divine All in every creation, whether it is man-made or Gaia-gifted, placed just so for us! Relish the time spent with family, friends, acquaintances, and yes even strangers, for do not the Ancient Ones walk amongst us... or we amongst them... even now???

Now then... Why is it that certain groups of peoples claim that they must have equal rights???... When in fact they already have said rights !!!... What they are in fact really asking FOR is to have them – selves recognized by the other groups of the same category and the world at large; i.e. religion, couples, work, sports... well schtuff from all walks of life; its everywhere, whether you choose to acknowledge them or not... PAUSE FOR THOUGHT... Hey; how about them folks who say one thing with their mouth, yet do their best to be completely opposite with their actions, you know the ones I mean... they fly the eagle – er.. – I mean the dove – er.. – the fish symbols – er.. – AW.. you know, the ones in their vehicles that cut peoples off; role thru stop signs and run red lights; tailgate because its our, er their fault they are 'running' late; attain pure road-rage in a mili-second; or give you a 'looks–could–kill' for something they did... all because we don't drive according to their standards and expectations. Sheesh... what a bunch of hypoptamus.. er hypochondriacts.. er hypoglycemics.. er hypocrites.. er yea, that's the one.. what hypocrites!...

Have you noticed the mass amount of web sites out here that look and sound really kewel till you choose to follow one of their page links that goes "vvvvvrrrrrrrttttt" when you click on it? What's up with that? Don't they recheck their own site when they're done compiling? Or are they just 'too busy' to do so.. (more like lack-a-dazy if you ask me!). Don't bother stringing along those of us who are actively searching for one form or another of input.. you advertised your site, that's why we're there! You're only hurting your intelligence, not ours, so get a grip and correct your screw-ups.. spellings are one thing, it's quite easy to missa ward or tow, but keep true to your written word and have accessible links which you state you have! Especially those of you with two year old sites.. don't you read your mail? Do you even have a valid address to receive the mail sent you? Or do you actually enjoy frustrating peoples? If so I shall simply state "what a marroon you are!" that you need to resort to such lengths in order to make yourself feel important because of the amount of, or lack of mail your 'site' generates.. what a waste of mentality...

We all want freedom of speech.. well most of us anywhys, (others simply want to control speech), and each of us has a preconceived notion of any given subject because that is who we are. The wiser of us are kinda-sorta willing to attempt listening about a subject we already know of ~ simply because of the different viewpoints to be had. BUT most will interrupt ~ either intentionally or unknowingly ~ somewheres along the way purely to add their points, (which are always more valid than the other persons). Whether you agree or not is your choice.. after all it's only my opinion. Do you doubt what I write? Then simply take a day and enter any of America's fine upstanding houses of Court. Within, you find all manner of peoples who supposedly are equal all.. guilty until proven innocent! A far cry from the old days of just dealing with the wrong-doers right there and then! In these houses there are many different rooms for various incidents which happen out among society's standards and rules; which are also different for each individual or group.. ask anyone; there are at least four different groupings of views within each of these rooms.. the plaintiff, the defendant, the judge, and the by-sitters and -standers as our courts become ever more busy.. overcrowded mostly by the same individuals time and again. Yes my opinion has changed.. quite drastically in fact, because no longer am I among the repeat offenders ~ no longer am I in the wrong place at the right time or verse-vicea ~ no longer do I worry if my rites and rituals will work without chemicals or other additives.. Any time is the right time, any moment is the proper moment for workings of pure positive energy. Joyous am I to be part of the solution and not the problem.. is it ever to late to change ???.. I think not, for that's why we have choosen this life ~ time ~ place.

Hey witch where I am going with this.. have you seen me ??? So little to do, so much time to do it in.. strike that.. reverse it !!! What about reality and the movies? Is there any true connection? Are the true World Leaders attempting to inform us of certain things through this medium? Or is it just a smoke screen, simply an elaborate form of entertainment... We see what we want to see, or so the saying goes. But if you watch and listen closely you just may be shocked about the contents within some of the more advertised films, but don't overlook the occasional B grade flick either for you just may miss something important. They.. there will always be a They won't there? They feed to us what they want to, not only within the movie genré, but within all aspects of our life. From what foods to procure, right down to what is proper to say. I am utterly appalled at the situations at at hand.... Take for instance the American Medical System, the infamous H.M.O. What's that? You're sick? Well we have to decide if we can spend the money to fix you, so we want to run some expensive tests just so we know that we can fix your problem, but do this instead, because now we have spent too much money on you! AARRRRGGGG!!!!!!!!


any & all misspellings are purely intentional,
for there truly are no intentional accidents!

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