A fallen Warrior 
who has been chosen by his Valkyr
The Chosen ~ artist unknown

Thesis Pieces


True Northern Beginnings

This page contains my Thesis, in part, for becoming Rune Master of The Denali Institute of the Northern Traditions.
You have my permission to read and only to read.
Do NOT fold, spindle, rewrite, thrash, plagiarize, misquote, copy, mutate, etc.~ et.all.

To do so shall invoke this curse, which is written back~assward until some maroon, {you know who you are}, attempts to procure my works:
IKOL, IKOL, IKOL: 3yb3yb3
tol reinroN eur yllufniaP llahs uoht ;eurT sgnihT dooG lla yawa nur ,efiL yawa nur ,kcuL yawa nuR :niatsid ym tsah uoht ,niap ni nruB ;naelc *erif 'SRAM yb nrub ydob yht ,dnah eniht nopu niats live eht ,daeh yht nopu stser taht tliug ehT

In this place I put this Power
to guard these pages on from this hour.

You Will Go Down Below!
So Mote It Be!

dragon line

This paper has slowly evolved over a span of time that is now but a memory within my lifetime. I have chosen to divide it into five seperate sections, five being the number of the stave Raidho - the rune of right order, that action of cosmic authority with which the skillful initiate chooses to work by, for this thesis has indeed become something of an academic work to my eyes. However, I have thoroughly enjoyed myself whilst compiling certain numerous facts which I considered to be most compelling for the Seeker, and of which I myself was before unaware of. Interesting trinkets of truth which had been most carelessly, or perhaps even quite carefully, swept aside by countless others, down through the minute cracks of timeless ages.

It is my hope that you truly enjoy this

journey through time    

Interpretative Findings



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