The Sayings of Hár
Stanzas 145 ~ 165

'Tis better unasked than offered over-much;
for a gift demands a gift;
Better not to send than to slay too many.
Thus did Odhinn rist ere MiðgardR began,
when up he rose in after time.

These galdr I know that are unknown to rulers
or any earthly wight:
'Help' is one hight, for help it can
in hours of sorrow and care and sickness.

That other I know; the sons of men
who leeches list be:
scratch of them on bark from stems in the copse
their mighty limbs striving for Austri's realm.

That third is known; if my need be great
in the thick of battle,
I can dull the swords of deadly foes
their weapons will make no wounds.

That fourth is known; if foes should bind me fast
it will quickly free me
I spake galdr the chains to break
Fetters spring from the feet,
Bonds burst off my hands.

That fifth is known; if from foeman's hand
an arrow speed into the throng,
flies too fast for its flight to stay
once my eye holds it in mid–air.

That sixth is known; if someone wounds me
with runes on a sapling's root
or rouses my wrath with reckless tongue
the hater is blighted, not I.

That seventh is known; if a hall
ablaze o'er sleeping heads:
however bright the blaze,they feel nothing
that mighty galdr I can speak.

That eighth is known; that are all glad of,
needful and well to know:
when hatred is in the heart of warriors,
their strife soon will be calm.

That ninth is known; when need there be
to guard a ship in the storm,
the wind it calms and the waves also
and the Sea is lulled to sleep.

That tenth is known; if troublesome hags
ride the skies aloft
galdr I work so they scatter astray,
heedless of their forms
heedless of their homes.

That eleventh is known; when to battle I lead
old comrades to the frey:
behind shield, galdr do I chant
hale and whole to war
unwounded from war
unscathed wherever they be.

That twelfth is known; if on a tree bare
one be hoisted on high in a halter,
thus runes risted and stained true
cause the body to drop,
reply how-so-ever I deem.

That thirteenth is known; if water pure
over drengir is thrown
never will he fall in the fiercest battle
nor sink beneath, wounded by sword.

That fourteenth is known; that few know,
if to an assembly I sing,
of the Aesir and alfs all,
I name them true altogether.

That fifteenth is known; which sang Thjöthrerir,
the dwarf, before Delling's door
giving strength to Aesir, prowess to the alfs,
by his song, foresight to Odhinn.

That sixteenth is known; if a maid I do seek,
with whom to work my will:
towards me her thoughts do turn
the white-armed woman's heart I bewitch.

That seventeenth is known; if a slender maid's love
to have and to hold:
thusly do I sing galdr
she hardly to forsake me over another.

In learning this lore, Loddfáfnir,
will a long time take
though helpful they are, if this wisdom becomes thine
helpful if you heed them
needful if you know them.

That eighteenth is known; which I will never tell
neither to maid nor wife of man
a secret, the last of my galdr I hide from all:
but only to the love who in my arms lies
or else to mine own sister also.

Now are the Wise-Ones sayings spoken in Hár's Hall
needful to the sons of men
harmful for the sons of etins:
Hail to the Speaker,
hail to those who know,
joy to them that grasp,
delight to them that heed.