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It all started as any other quest for knowledge, I began seeking within the written word, not only for the simple pleasure which reading brings to me, but also because I am ever in search of further enlightenment, and then, BAM! Whilst reading from the Havamal, or Songs of the High One, of the Poetic Edda for the umteenth time, two different Stanza's from within the section of the All-father's ordeal literally jumped out to me and seemed to have bothered my brain so, nagging at me to place them both within the bright light of understanding. While the second stanza to have caught my eye from the Havamal is the subject of another paper, ::SG:: The first, Stanza #140, depending upon the translation, from the Poetic Edda is as follows:

From the wise son of Boltorn, Bestla's Father,
I mastered mighty chants nine,
and a draught I had of the dearest mead,
ladled from out of Odraerir.

This paper shall touch upon the first stanza only, for it is this stanza which brought to mind a series of nine complex, intricately woven Bind-runes containing the twenty-four staves of the Eldar Futhark instead of the nine individually irreversable runes of the same Futhark as some speculate. After many a sleepless night and an unhappy wife, (due, in fact to a cold and lonely bed that beckoned, which I failed to hear due to my incessant questing), ::SG:: I came across a set of nine different bindings, the endings of which coincide with one another in a Spiritual sense. To further this inconclusive proof, the verbal, or phonic, sounds of the endings of each stave within each of the groupings also coincide, (just close your eyes and give license for a few linguistic errors, if necessary). OH! for the want of a scanner to show you what I have come up with! But then again, the text-only method does leave the following rune-bindings open to the interpreted style of each gloriously inspired individual.

The first bind consists of Mannaz & Kenaz; combined together they create human inspiration, these staves are indeed of the Origin, for without them, I do not believe that I would have arrived at these, or any, of my current conclusions in my runic studies! It is within my thoughts that this may in fact represent the dormancy of Niflhem by symbolizing all that which resists us in our seeking. For without the concept of animating, enlivening, or exhalting, what is there?

Next to bind are the staves of Eihwaz, Tiwaz, Ehwaz, and Ingwaz; combined together they then are able to create potential energies which are awaiting release, yet one must look within to find the direction with which to bring these energies under one's guidance and transform them with a sudden release of focused power. This then, would represent Muspellheim, in its full state of vital and active energies just awaiting a true seeker to create from the inspiration of Niflheim.

Third to be bound together are the staves of Thurisaz, Hagalaz, Elhaz (Algiz), and Dagaz; for these then create an active defense with which to decend towards one's own de-evolution and thus gain the protection and self-less instruction of one's Fylgia which shall in turn begin to awaken an awareness of all levels of consciousness. Symbolizing Svartalfheim, the realm which holds not only our ancestral memories, but also enables our creative emotional influences to be reached and thus put into use for our own benefit.

Fourth on this remarkable spiritual journey are the bound staves of Wunjo and Berkano; with which to grant harmony among all folk and bring forth to fruition new ideas, such as these I am currently in process of presenting to you. Represented by Ljossalfheim, the Realm of Thought, which brings forth the capable mental influences enabling us to decipher the facts from real events and to then deal with them in a practical style.

The fifth Stave from Boltorn's son is the combination of Pertho and Raidho; which then opens one up to the realization of the divine order of Orlog so that one may now journey runically to the heights of previously unattainable levels. Contrary to popular thought, the realm of Helheim is not entirely dank and dark, for it does, in fact, represent our hidden fears and suppressed desires, which thus gives it this horrendous air and sense of doom.

Which then leads to the sixth bind-rune fashioned by the staves of Gebo and Sowilo; which actually enables one to balance the internally antaganistic forces, such as those just mentioned, and so adapt to the needs of the Higher Self over those of the base self, this then enables us to create an individualization of Being. Considered to be issues that often confuse us, this symbolizes the realm of Jotunheim, where the only true crisis is that which we create for ourselves.

Seventh of the nine is the culmination of Isa and Othala; to focus and then to concentrate upon one's own ancestral rights so that one may thereby claim what is rightfully due. Vanaheim may be symbolized as the realm of true well-being and grants unto us, as seekers, the ultimate balancing influences through not only a sense of internal calm, but grants these benefits through the knowledge of who we actually are capable of becoming.

Which leads to the eighth combination, that of Ansuz, Laguz, and Uruz; the magical formation which is the inspiration of ALU, the one bind which is a given here. It is that of the words "I AM", created by placing all three one atop another. Representing AsgardR with its higher influences of Orlog and weird which should be considered as the almost unattainable. This, then is, in my opinion, the climax of the bindings given, for the next is…

The realm of MidgardR which is symbolizing our ego, for it is our personal outcome in life which distinguishes us from all others and is the final Stave gifted, which is created from the three remaining runes with no apparent phonic mates, those of Fehu, Nauthiz and Jera; which, when bound together they do indeed create the understanding of true necessity through monetary wealth, which then brings about the realization of the natural cycles of life.

The only conclusion which I have come to regarding this bit of subjective information, if any at all, is that the final Bind-rune thus leads in turn right back to the first stave, completing this evolutionary circle, and relating the fact that one's spiritual growth is a necessary course to persue in order to attain success.

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