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The Denali Institute
of Northern Traditions

    The Great Work of the Denali Institute is to assist in the resurrection of the Northern spiritual tradition in the form it would have evolved into had the evolutionary curve of the tradition not been interrupted for the past 12 centuries.

    This means that the Cosmic Force of Love, now coming into full manifestation in the energy envelope of Earth, would have been integrated into the Northern tradition in its own special way, suited to the mind dynamics of the Northern cultures instead of being imposed from without by Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cultures.

    Many people intuitively long for this Northern model of spiritual insight, for many are the souls who have enjoyed Northern incarnations, only to find the valuable threads of Elder tradition disappearing as the centuries passed.

    The Denali Institute welcomes those of the Northern mind, be it by family blood or through an independent spiritual quest, to reawaken unconscious memories of a relatively simple, yet extremely effective spiritual Path leading to individualization of Self and ultimate Mastery of the great mysteries of Life.

    It is our purpose to assist each student in achieving this spiritual destiny.

1 800 336 2548 (DENALI 8)
to request your own
Institute Information Packet.
We have an answering device on-line
24 hours a day, seven days a week
so the call is totally non~committal on your part.

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to The Denali Institute of Northern Traditions
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