Hallow : O.E. ~ meaning to make holy or consecrate, especially an item or area.
HamR : O.N. ~ one's invisible shape-substance, also a shamanistic type of magick used to travel instantly betwixt places, and/or to shape-shift by exchanging appearances with some living thing.
Harrow : O.N. ~ an alter that is made of stone or even another natural substance and is open to the sky. An indoor alter is entitled Stalli.
Heilsa : O.N. ~ used as a warm greeting to mean health, and may also be spelt Hailsa.
Heit : O.N. ~ meaning a solemn promise or an oath of truth. May also be spelt as Height.
Home-Stone : O.U. ~ originally to mean one's place of origin, but it often means where one's energies are consistantly focused or concentrated.