Gal­R : O.N. ~ a type of magick used to reveal the unknown. They are written, spoken, chanted or thought, but must be coherent wording - not want-to-believe gibberish.
GandR : O.N. ~ an object or tool, such as the wand. The power which emanates from a charmed object.
Garth : O.N. ~ meaning an enclosed space where the Home-Stone often resides. It may be either inside or out of doors.
Gernhaben : H.G. ~ to have or offer willingly or happily, giving credit unto another.
Glˇ­ker : O.N. ~ a fire-pot which is often used in ceremonies, not unlike a Wicca cauldron.
Go­i/Gy­ja : O.N. ~ the Priest & Priestess of the ┴satr˙ religion who have the authority to perform sacred rites for the Folk.