Folk Moot : O.N. ~ a gathering of those people who believe in the Asatru Faith. Somewhat similar to a Thing for social and religious purposes, but without the politics.
Functions : O.U. ~ Dumézil indicates that this word signifies a Tri-centric system. The First is that of Governmental influences, both spiritual and moral. The Second is that of Energy, both spiritual and physical. The Third is that of Well-Being, both spiritual and mental. Each working in harmony with the other two.
    *IMHO I, Yens, believe this to be based upon the Yggdrasil Model, which truly creates an individualistic style for each of us.
Frædi : O.N. ~ meaning knowledge, learning, lore, studies, etc. By adding the phrase 'kona' after this word, one then indicates a person who is a learned scholar.
Frith : O.E. ~ a temporary peace for the duration of a holiday season, not unlike a truce. Can also indicate a place of sanctuary, such as a hall.
Fylgja : O.N. ~ a Guardian Spirit that accompanies each & every human from birth to death. Also known as a "Fetch", which contains the total of past actions that may affect one's present course.