DagR : O.N. ~ the word for Day. It begins each dusk, and continues through the dawn until the following period of dusk.
Deosil : O.U. ~ clockwise movement, in the direction of the traveling sun. May be used for drawing down Higher energies for workings.
Disting : O.N. ~ another word the Blot which is held on or around January 31. Considered by most to be the time for the Charming of the Plow, yet some consider it to be Freyja's Day, yet others, Vali's Day.
DraugR : O.N. ~ one who has a strong spirit in life, and thus becomes one of the walking corpses in death. They are readily interspersed throughout the Saga's and Edda's.
Drighten : O.E. ~ referring to one who has mastered an art or skill. Originally considered to be a leader of a small, elite warband. It is a title of honour within the Rune-Gild.