Warlock : O.E. ~ simply put it means traitor, to the Clan and/or to the Folk. It does not imply a male witch as some would like to think. However, it may in fact derive from the word Vardlokur (ibid).
Widdershins : O.U. ~ the opposite of deosil. To travel counter-clockwise against the movement of the Sun, thus dis-spelling or opening, such as a circle.
Worlds-All-Wide : O.U. ~ the division of Yggdrasil, and the Omniverse, into nine seperate "zones" each relating to all the others and having a very definite order. Alphabetically they are; ÁsgarðR, HelR, JötunheimR, LjósálfheimR, MiðgarðR, MúspellheimR, NiflheimR, SvartálfheimR, VanaheimR. The Nine Realms are all seperate yet rely upon each other for uniquely different Functions (qv).
Worthship : A.E. ~ being worth the time or effort spent to give honour to those supernatural powers and divine beings of one's Folk with full respect and due merit, without comprimising one's own strengths according to the value of being equally measured by one's own qualities of sufficient energies. …for are they not our ancestors?
Wyrd : O.E. ~ also spelt as 'weird'. It is the Anglo-Saxon form of the concept of Orlog (qv) which basically means destiny, doom, or fate.