VŠttR : O.N. ~ a spirit, wight or supernatural being of any kind.
Valkyr : O.N. ~ an individual "Chooser of the Slain" within norse myth. Mounted upon swift horses, and oft depicted with spear or drawn sword, these maidenly nymphs rush into the melee of battle and select those destined to death. These heroes of battle they then conduct to Vallhalla, where they wait upon them and serve them their drink of choice in the skulls of those they had vanquished.
Vanatr˙ : O.N. ~ meaning a specialized faith in, and belief of, the Vanir Gods and Goddesses. May also be considered as an alternate form of Asatru.
VÚ : O.N. ~ an open-aired sacred enclosure which is most oft triangular in shape and marked off with stakes and rope.
Vee : O.N. ~ a pseudo rune expressing the "V" sound, having been in use over 1,000 yrs ago. Many use Wunjo reversed to express this sound, there-by removing some confusion.
VikingR : O.N. ~ a type of amphibious warrior of the period from 750 to 1066 C.E. who landed along numerous beaches bays and inlets to mostly explore and trade, yet now the word is sadly synonymous with the terms of raid and even plunder.