Tafl : O.N. ~ another word for a table or board. There are numerous games with the ending of tafl, however, it should not be confused with the word TaufR (qv).
TaufR : O.N. ~ a charm or talisman which is most oft worn around the neck for protection. They are usually small, metallic pendents which are more commonly in the shape of bind-runes.
Thularstoll : O.N. ~ a special chair, or body position, which is used by the runester when beginning a cast. Literally meaning the wise-one's chair, some present day scholars use the term Theal's Stool for this word.
Thurs : O.N. ~ a strong, surly, slow witted supernatural being hostile to all entities except themselves.
Tölvîsi : O.N. ~ meaning skill with numbers. The word Tölva is modern Islandic for computer.
Troll : O.N. ~ a type of photo-sensitive Frost-Thursar who usually go about at night to avoid death-by-sun-light. They are to be considered generally ill-willed and uncanny wights.
Troth : O.E. ~ related to the word Truth in that it means loyalty, or one's pledged faithfulness and the keeping of same.