Barrow : O.U. ~ a burial mound in which the body is interred, either intact or cremated. Considered as a cairn and oft times outlined with visible stones in the shape of a ship.
Bifrost : O.N. ~ pronounced as bif-rost, it is the Rainbow Bridge connecting MidgardR and AsgardR.
Bind-Rune : O.U. ~ a result of two or more staves joined together. There are two types: the first is a simple contraction; the second is a magickal act of creating energies into being for various reasons. They may be placed one atop the other, or side by side, so long as they are touching.
Blot : O.N. ~ a blessing or festival to honour the Ancient ones. There are eight of these major ceremonies to coincide with the seasons. Of course, each Kindred may hold its own personal Blots in addition to those already mentioned.
Bok : O.N. ~ the word for book, of which there are, obviously, many different kinds. Two come to mind immediately; Sidabok, a book of ceremonies and Galdrabok, a book of magicks.
Brodir : O.N. ~ a blood brother or sibling who is oft times closer than close.
Bru : O.N. ~ simply means a bridge.