Saga : O.N. ~ a novel of biographical or historical content mostly written between 1150 & 1350 C.E. Also it is the name of a giantess who resides in Asagard, possibly in the Hall of Sokkvabekk for her name means "Seeress". She is considered to be one of the Asynjor.
Sax : O.N. ~ originally a fighting weapon in length smaller than a sword, but larger than a regular knife. Now mainly used for religious and/or ceremonial purposes.
SeidR : O.N. ~ The magick of Freyja which she taught to Odhinn. It is a unique style of shamanistic magicks which can, among other things, be used to ascertain the future or to reveal unknown or hidden realms through trace-like states. Few men seem to practice this form of Craft, and fewer still are willing to admit that they do.
Skáld : O.N. ~ word for a Poet or Bard, but including composer/reciter/historian in skills of both poetry and music. Stead : oft a stave-surrounded sacred enclosure.
Skertru : O.U. ~ The Norse Pagan Organization of Skergard is based on this unified belief of Asatru and Vanatru which has been blended into one belief system that is based on a general consensus. May also be considered as an alternate form of Asatru.