Rammaukinn : O.N. ~ one who possesses super-human strength through the practice of the northern martial arts, of which three are known; those of the Bear, and of the Wolf, and of the Boar. They are not unlike the diverse Oriental styles. Thanks go to Nigil Pennick's "Practical Magick in the Northern Tradition" © 1989 for this entry.
Recels : O.E. ~ an olden word denoting incense which is used in religious ceremonies to produce fragrants odors when burnt or smoldering. It is pronounced as "ray-kels".
Risi : O.N. ~ meaning a giant which are oft described as very tall, good-looking, and long-lived. Never confuse a Ris with a Jötunn or a Thurs – as the three are very distinctly seperate types of beings.
Ristar : O.N. ~ a uniquely styled knife-like tool which is used to carve staves into wood or stone whilst using galdR.
Rúnameistari : O.N. ~ translated as Rune Master. A person who has achieved the highest level of Rune Skill. All Rune Masters are Runologists {one who studies runes}, but not all Runeologists are Rune Masters.
Runwita : O.E. ~ meaning a wise and knowledgeable person, such as a sage or an advisor.