Quisling : O.N. ~ the name of a traitor during WWII who cooperated with the Nazi Powers when they invaded and subsequently occupied Norway. It is now readily used in many languages to imply one who is a traitor.
Quote : A.E. ~ "There is no single stave which represents the letter "Q" (qv) in amongst the Elder Futhark; so I have therefore, in my own style, used the Elhaz stave to denote this reference section of the Hoard, as it just seems the thing to do…" <|{;^)
Quoth : O.U. ~ a pseudo rune expressing the "Q" sound, having been in use over 1,000 yrs ago. Many use Kenaz followed by Wunjo to express this sound.
QV : Latin ~ abbreviated form of the word Quod Vide meaning 'which see'. It is used to refer the reader to an entirely seperate entry for further details. The plural is represented as (qq).