Pedagogy : A.E. ~ the art or profession of teaching educational subject matter.
Poltergeist : H.G. ~ usually a noisy, dis-embodied, and mischievious spirit held to be responsible for unexplained noises, although with regular offerings they can become more a welcome energy than a danger. Thought to be a form of SvartalfR.
Power : A.E. ~ can be either good or bad, depending upon how one uses it. Those with this force or energy should always use it to help those who are powerless, purely because of ethical and moral practices involved.
Propitiation : A.E. ~ to appease or bring into agreement. The act of gaining or re-gaining the favor of.
Primestave : O.U. ~ a wooden almanac, which is most oft risted with runic symbols, enabling folk to keep track of the day, month, lunar and solar occurances.
Pseudo Runes : O.U. ~ symbols oft resembling the staves which represent the phonic sounds not covered by the Elder Futhark. Some are over 1,000 years young, and may possibly be the reason behind the many diverse Modified Futharks known to date. There are five pseudo staves currently in use to write modern English. They are: Chin (=ch), Quoth (=q), Vee (=v), Ex (=x), and Yee (=y).