Nidstong : O.N. ~ an Insult Post which is runically charged, magickally set, and then 'aimed' at a particular person, place or thing. This is not something to be done lightly, or as a joke, for it is a powerful curse in the form of an insulting poem.
Nine Realms : O.U. ~ This is the division of Yggdrasil, and the Omniverse as well, into nine distinct 'zones', each relating to all the others, which, in turn, forms a Tri-centric sytem of inter-dependent units. See Functions of the Worlds-All-Wide (qv).
Norse Wicca : O.U. ~ a careful combination of hedgecraft, (herbal lore, nature questing, healing skills, etc.), and the teachings of all the Ęsir, (galdR lore, seidR questing, rune skills, etc.), to empower one with the ability to spiritually progess. May also be considered as an alternate form of Asatru.
Novice : A.E. ~ one who is an inexperienced or untrained member of a religious sect, preparing to take the vows of the Order. This includes Solitaries accepting a Faith new to them.
Nymph : O.U. ~ any lesser goddess represented as a maiden who happens to be living in the mountains, forests, meadows, or waters, and who may, or may not, express excessive sexual desires.