Mead : O.E. ~ an alcoholic drink of fermented honey, though there are substitutes available. Good mead is made only with honey alone, and therefore is rather difficult to get, as Folk like to add 'things' for 'flavor'. According to Kveldulf Gundarsson, any drink with honey added to it may be used for ritual purposes for those of us with Oaths of Sobriety to honour.
Megin : O.N. ~ one's own Life-Force brought into being from transpersonal realms, distinct from physical power or strength. Can be found in the initial pattern of one's etheric or 'subtle' body, also known as the HamR.
Mjölnir : O.N. ~ the crushing Hammer of Thór, or a representative symbol of faith worn around the neck. Looks not unlike an inverted capital 'T' or an 'anchor'.
MyrkstafR : O.N. ~ a word combined from those of mysterious and stave. It is used to imply the negative or hidden aspects of a particular rune. Could easily signify the Dwarven and/or Etin runes mentioned in the Havamal, stanza #143.