Leek : O.N. ~ an onion-like herb grown for its mildly pungent leaves and stalk. Any plant of the species Allium, such as garlic, onions, chives, shallots, etc., which may be considered as same.
Lišskjįlf : O.N. ~ the High Seat of Odhinn from whence he looks out across The Worlds-All-Wide to see what he can see. Translated as gate-shelf, it may also be spelt Hlišskjįlf.
Lot : O.U. ~ a smallish object used in the process of divining, and marked in some way, as with a runic stave. Used with other similar objects each with individual markings.
LundR : O.N. ~ to mean a place of trees, especially a Sacred Grove dedicated for religious purposes. Is inerchangable with the word Wald.