Ka! : O.U. ~ containing various meanings, some of which including: "There!", "So Be It", "So Mote It Be!", "Bless'd Be". The context, of course, depends upon the person using it.
Karma : Sanskrit ~ the force generated by one's actions to perpetuate reincarnation and to determine the nature of said person's next existance. Somewhat similar to Orlog.
Kenna : O.N. ~ meaning to know the nature of, or to be clearly aware of the truth, or to understand by actual experience.
Kenning : O.N. ~ originally meant a lesson, but also includes a poetic coding used by skalds: ex; Heimdall's Sword is a kenning for the mind.
Kvedja : O.N. ~ used as a wish of well-being at parting company. A fond farewell to others, or used as an exclamitory word thrown in betwixt other words.