Aett : O.N. ~ used to describe a group or division of eight. Can signify the eight direction, and also implies one of the divisions of the Futhark row.
Alfreka : O.N. ~ I have been informd that this means to defile an area in such a fashion that the Landvaettir are mercilessly driven away.
Alu : O.N. ~ litterally meaning ale; yet also implies luck or magickal might.
Ancient Ones : O.U. ~ the Old Deities of the Northern Pantheon. Also refers to ones' ancestors.
An Sich : H.G. ~ to be as one with the Higher Self.
Ásatrú : O.I. ~ literally meaning God-Truth. The belief in and faith of the Northern Pantheon of Goddesses & Gods.
Athamé : O.U. ~ a ritual knife consecrated for the harrow.