If a stranger walks up to you and asks for help to find something, you help them. It could very well be Odin or Frigga His wife, maybe even Freyja or Freyr who are brother and sister, or any one of the many other gods and goddesses. After all, you should never be afraid to help someone who is truly in need of help. One day you too may need help.
    But the number one rule is Never, Ever, step into a stranger's car or their house. It could be a god/dess testing to see how good you have become at these things. Not unlike the story of Hansel and Gretel.
    They went into a mean witch's house and were going to be cooked. But they tricked her and she was cooked instead.
    When you are at school or something, waiting for your mom or dad or some other family member, and a stranger comes up to you and says, "Come on, your parents told me to come pick you up." Run and tell a teacher or worker at the place you're at, or someone who you feel you can trust, like another parent or security guard about the stranger.
    When your family member does arrive to get you tell them what happened too! When you see your parents, get together and tell them you want to set up a "pickup password" so that way when they send someone you may not recognize you will know it is safe to go with this person because they will have the password.
    Then, the next time a stranger comes up to you and says mom and dad sent him, or her, all you have to do is ask them for the password. If they don't know it, then do the same thing, go tell someone. Then it will work better and you can feel safe. After that you should start hanging out with friends so you won't be alone.

a list of things to do:

1.) Walk with a friend when ever you can.

2.) Help a person with directions if you know the way.

3.) Give a stranger in need water/food if any is handy.

4.) Help fix the injured any way you can or get help.

5.) Help a person when you see their car is broke down.

6.) If a person asks if a room is handy, offer them a place to sleep.

a list of things not to do:

1.) Don't go into a stranger's car or house for anything.

2.) Don't go with someone not knowing who they are.

3.) Don't take any drink, food or candy offered from a stranger.

4.) Never help a stranger look for their dog in the bushes.

5.) Never beleive you won't be harmed if you don't scream.

6.) When your parents offer a ride to strangers try not to sit in back with them.

thoughts by Shadoe 2000        

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