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Internet Translator (tm) can translate single words, phrases, sentences and even entire web site pages for you.

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The Kewel Ristar, in mutual cooperation with Translation Experts Ltd., is pleased to provide this link to the InterTranª multi-language translation system for webpages and text. The translations are not perfect but they can give you a general idea of what is being communicated throughout our site by translating single words, phrases, sentences and even entire web pages into a multitude of diverse languages. Some of the languages do have more limited lexicons then others, so the quality of translation can vary between the languages. The good Folk at T.E.L. always suggest that if you need critical translations you should either hire a translator or else take the time to learn the language that this, or any other site, is attempting to provide information in. Kindly realize that some of the languages will need additional support for specific fonts.

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