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Think for a moment;
How many times have you simply doodled while on the phone or during a lecture in class and come up with some rather interesting eye pleasers? All investigators agree that doodles come from the unconscious, hidden in our minds, but how did they get there? That question has many answers.. past life being my favorite answer, using the World memory or Akashic Records to recall useful information during our incarnation. Below are a few sigils which I have configured, as well as some links to other pages containing yet even more sigils and gliphs.

Like all Magicks, extreme care should be undertaken at all times for these all are true to life and most of them come from an Islandic Grimoire entitled "The Galdrabok".

I have included a discourse on symbols to enable folk to gain a better perspective of just what is meant when discussing, or perchance working with this oft ms-understood and over-looked topic.

hjol_1 bara
bogi kross_2

 Section I #32.
       Useful for placing
        one into a sleep

If you wish to put someone to sleep, then carve these staves into alder wood (for evoking the innate polarity of the S-rune in order to achive the opposite effect) and lay them under their head without their knowledge, thus causing them to surely sleep until you remove said staves.


Section I #33.
      To find out a thief

In case of theft you should carve this stave on the bottom of a dish of ash wood, put water in it, and strew millefolium (yarrow) into the water {and say}: "This I ask according to the nature of the herb and great might of the staves, that the skuggi (shade) of the one who has taken it appear in the water, and that the name of this person be carved on a fish gill with etin's bewilderments (mirk runes to be carried on yourself), Odhinn, Loki, Fro, Baldur, NjordhR, Tyr, Birgur, Hoenir, Freyja, Gefjon, Gusta, and all those gods and goddesses who dwell and have dwelt in AsagardR from the beginnings of time, they must help me so that I will have success in this matter.

hjol_3 gapaldi
lambda hattur

 Section I #34.
     To bewitch & win
      a woman's love

If you want to influence a woman so that she will come unto no-one except you, craft a hole in the floor in such a place as she will pass over it, & pour into it some worm and/or serpent blood forming a magickal link with telluric powers. Draw a ring of water around it, as well as her name and these staves threefold diving (inversed or inverted) Molldthurs (M- & TH-runes) and Madhr-runes, bladh, naudh, komla, and gapalldur

(the primary structure of the stave is open to
speculation although perhaps they are coded runic
references extending from the main form: i.e.,
on the left side 3:6 = kanaz
and on the right side 3:3/3 = thurs:thurs )

and then read this sring:

I look upon thee and thou givest me the lust and love of all thy hugur (heart). Thou canst nowhere sit, thou canst be nowhere at home, unless thou lovest me. This I bid of Odhinn and of all those who can fathom & interperet Kvennrunar: that thou wilt nowhere in the world be at home nor thrive, unless thou lovest me with all thy heart. This shalt thou feel in thy bones as if thou burnest all over, and in thy flesh half as badly. Thou wilt meet with ruin unless thou lovest me thou shalt freeze on thy feet and thou wilt never meet with honour or happiness. Sittest thou as if burnig, with thy hair rotting out; rent are thy clothes unless thou wilt have me of thine own free will.


 Section I #41.
  Against wrath

To still all kinds of wrath make this stave on your forehead with your left index finger, and say:
It is the helm of awe that I bear between my eyes wrath runs away, strife is stemmed. May every mother be delighted with me as Maria was delighted with her blessed son when she found him a sigur hellunne (on the victory rock), in the name of Odin, Ille, and Whaz.

 lvir, Odhinn, BolverkR
  All will you bewitch!
May God himself, with skill
 Send love between us two!


Section III #2.
 Helm of Awe

Craft from lead, then press the sigil between the eye-brows, and speak the formula:

 gishjlm er g ber   ~   I bear the helm of awe
milli brna mr!    ~     between my brows!

Thus a man could meet his enemies and be sure of victory.


I Remember seeing this one early on in my course of Studies, but cannot for the life of me remember where! If you happen to have any information concerning this stave, please be so kind as to inform me, I will be greatfully thankful to you for doing so.

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