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  Meet Ukko The Pegasi, he is a Guardian of Learning from the Elemental Realm of Air, who instills the finer qualties of Friendship, Teaching, Wisdom, and Understanding upon all who are in need. Showing the Way to those who seek to broaden their horizions with higher knowledge is his own personal geas, as he is always teaching, for he is ever learning. Ukko is well-read, since he has read most any book or written account that has ever been put to earth, clay, stone, wood, bone, paper, computer or what have you from the time of his humble beginnings of birth. His collection of books is indeed impressive, and ever expanding, containing works from around the world, written in diverse long forgotten languages, as well as that of the modern tongues, all of which reside upon the many shelves within the hidden caves of his home. When seeking wonderous knowledge of old, or when looking for insightful understanding he is there, ready and willing to help. He is a silent friend who is ever patient and is always there when needed - without you having to explain a thing. Call on him when looking for help in any matter of learning… you may be suprised at what you learn!

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where perchance you may find a Guardian of your own.

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