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SITE UPDATED: 10~21~1999 C.E.
04~06~2250 R.E.

A Serious WARNING !
a series of correspondences concerning a questionable site, and the steps taken to ensure that this does not continue. Concerns ALL parents!!! You CAN help !!!

Legal-Aide Resources
for those who may be in need due to Religious persecution, bigotry and/or discrimination !!!

Introduction Page
our disclaimers are found here

Table of Contents
a page for navigation of the site

Proud Member of
various causes we are proud to be part of

Optimum Viewing Notice
alerting all of a made with Web-TV site

Esoteric Bibliography
listing our sources of information

Read.. To Know
indivdually, by the tt, and magically

The Sayings of Hr for better enlightenment

Count.. To Do
a numerical page of numbers

Prove.. To Will
containing philosophical & personal experiences

Send.. To Keep Silent
a beginning work of explaining various how-to's

Ground.. The Cooking Cauldron
full of excellent Bread, Meat, & Drink recipes

Denali.. The Great Work
runic home-study course and how to reach them

Pure Ramblings
Yens' own opinions about various quirks & peeves

Mythical Yggdrasil
helping one to envision The World Tree

The Nine Realms Explored contains some rather interesting details

Runic Poems Reference
a table of contents for the Known Runic Poems as well as my own Poem

Olde Norsk Runic Poem

Olde Swiss Rune Poem

Olde Islandic Rune Poem

Olde English Rune Poem

Own Personal Runic Poem

The Rede of Honour
contains the Norse version of morals and virtues

The Colours Table
energies of the various major colours

Gems And Stones
a listing of the properties of various minerals

Spells And Workings
introduction to diverse incantations from our Galderbok (B.O.S.)

Various Bindings original works & contributions

Various Charms original works & contributions

Divination Cants original works & contributions

Various Healings original works & contributions

Craft Ideas contributed by various folk

Financial Workings original works & contributions

Various Protections original works & contributions

Other Tid~Bits original works & contributions

The Hvel System
the Northern equivalent of the Chakras

Hvel Cleansing rite for energy congestion

The Yew Working enables an attainment of wholeness

Thoughts To Ponder Upon
a mini TOC of various Papers written by Yens

A Study Guide for all seekers to gain wisdom

Contacting One's Fetch is a simple lesson plan

Thesis Pieces of a studying Rune Master to stir thy mind

Theoretical Theory upon Stanza #140 of the Havamal

Regarding Bind-Runes is a primer of sorts

On Blum's Order is in regards to his arrangment

Health Matters is about healing and runic energies

The Hammer & Thorr contains info on these two topics

Sacred Symbols of the Northern Tradition

Reading Aright is useful for all Seekers to know

Astrological Insights
a mini-site in its own right consisting of the 12 signs

Informational Explanations concerning the Houses & Planets

Aries space  Libra
Taurus space  Scorpio
Gemini space  Sagittarius
Cancer space  Capricorn
Leo space  Aquarius
Virgo space  Pisces

Our Own Familiar
a work in progress, as she is feline

Our Site Guardian
a new friendship is born from Honour

Magickal Sigils
excerpts from the Islandic Galdrbok

A Discourse On Symbolism to thus enlighten folk concerning this subject

Herbal Links
a brief explanation of diverse sites on the Web

The Word Hoard
a no-longer-hidden accumulation of words defined

Language Translator
for words, phrases, or even for whole pages

The Deities
Norsk Beings defined, refined, and explained

The Holy Oath-Ring
and what I have learnt concerning it

Various Rune Castings
and some words of wit and wisdom

The Runes Interpreted
an informative, yet brief explanation of the runic history

Fehu space  Uruz
Thurisaz space  Ansuz
Raidho space  Kenaz
Gebo space  Wunjo

Hagalaz space  Nauthiz
Isa space  Jera
Eihwaz space  Pertho
Algiz space  Sowilo

Tiwaz space Berkano
Ehwaz space Mannaz
Laguz space Ingwaz
Dagaz space Othala

Festive Dates Of The North
listing the celebrated days of our Household

Seasonal Holy-Days containing celebrated days of equal import

Winternacht space  Valpurgis
Yule space  Midsumarsblot
Disfest space  Freyfest
Eostar space  Haustblot

Scania Folk And Fae Tales
simply a collection of inspiring ethical pieces which Folk may gleam moral information from

Take Time For A Slow Dance

Do You Wear Your Hammer

The Ghost Of Fjelkinge

The Trolls Of Resslared

The Elf Of The Rose

The Honest Penny

The Boy Who Knew No Fear

The Ten Fairy Servants

The Mis-Understood Owl

The Boots Of Auroch Leather

The Rich Man And The Poor Man

Apply For An Award
this is the introduction page of our Awards, also containing various links to other award sites

The Details concerning "The Mind's~Eye" awards

Awards Nomination fill out the form here

Award Retrievial ~ an unlisted site !

A Simple Questionaire
our guest-book of a sorts :)

Recipients of The Mind's~Eye
a winner's list of all the sites

Show-Page Of Appreciation
the awards our site has been gifted, Thanx Folks!

Runic Readings
you complete the form, Yens begins the casting

Testimonials from those Yens has read for

Banners Of This Site
a choice of graphics for you to link to our site

Links And Rings Page #1
containing diverse links, including the ;
WormHole Ring, Thoughts of Wisdom Ring, Authored with Web-TV Ring, Books of Shadow & Light Ring, & Magnetes' Grove Ring,

Links And Rings Page #2
containing diverse links, including the;
Pagan Hippy Ring, Web-Tv Rulz Ring, DragonMoon Community, Web-Tv Link Exchange, Roll the Dice Ring, Niebelung Ring, Casting of Runes Ring, Ring of Runes, Gathering of Runes Ring, & Knights of Odin Ring.

Links And Rings Page #3
containing diverse links, including the;
Freedom Fighters Ring, Witches of the Earth Ring, Pagan Elders Ring, Purple Pages for Pagans Ring, World Guild of Wisdom Ring, & Divination Ring, Ultimate WebTv Search Engine.

A Brief Bio
a few details about us, Yens and Ida

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