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Awards Criteria
In Detail


Please make sure the site nominated is
in accordance with the rules before you submit
said site for the consideration of displaying
any of "The Mind's~Eye" Awards.
Thanx :)


  1. LOAD TIME - We don't have a lot of patience, after all we're not Doctors. We don't like to wait a really long time to view an entire site. If there are one or two pages worth the wait, we will. But please don't make us frustrated by an excessively long wait for each and every page. We do understand that a busy server tends to make for slower loading time, but what we are talking about here is the 4 minute mark.
  2. EXTRAS - Colorful fonts, exceptional backgrounds, great music, and beautiful images are what make each site highly individualistic. So long as it is tastefully done, we have no problem with it. As long as we can easily read the wording over the background great, no eye-straining please.
  3. UNDER CONSTRUCTION - All of the worth-while sites are continuously being improved upon, there-fore tastefully done signs and graphics stating this fact are truly acceptable, but are not necessary.
  4. ENJOYABLE - This is a rather loose-fitting aspect, as what one gets a kick out of, another won't. So, as long as the site is not 'stuffy' or 'preaches down' upon one, it should work for us.
  5. CONTENT - The site must have original content that fits into our criteria. Since we ourselves are eclectic, we are open to all polytheistic faiths, for you never know what you may gleam from where No matter the Tradition or Style, all sites are welcome to apply. But, if it doesn't meet the required criteria, odds are it won't win.
  6. ORIGINALITY - Put some thought into your page, if it has just been thrown together without much effort or time, or if it has blatantly plagerized others, we are not all that interested in it. This award is for those peoples who spent a lot of thought and energy and many frustrating hours on their site.
  7. INFORMATIVE - Does this site being nominated attempt to shed light on an otherwise mysterious topic? Are peoples able to learn something otherwise unknown? Does it say the same ol' things in a uniquely different slant with style? Have others commended the site on its ways of sharing information with others? A fresh breeze is always welcome.
  8. NEED TO RETURN - The ever important issue. Are updates done regularly? Is there a daily, weekly, or monthly topic which brings one back for more. Is the site just too big to wander thru in a day? Is more continuously being added under everyone's very eyes? Will peoples share this site with others? Does it help to further your studies? Can you think of anything to add? Then it definitely needs to be re-visited.
  9. NON-PORNOGRAPHIC - Our site is geared towards the mature folk, but the smalls surf in thru the net as well. We don't need to worry about what our children and grandchildren may happen across while reading through our site or any other sites linked to or through us.
  10. NO HATE OR BIGOTRY - There is more than enough on this subject through-out the Universe, although opinions are another thing entirely. We do not need to see anymore hatred, etc; and would prefer this to just disappear. Will you help to make it so?
  11. LINKS - All links should be in working order, one or two is understandable but the site should have all of the links working, there really is no excuse. Also.. upon receipt of our award, a link back is appreciated and details will be issued with the individualistic congratulatory letter.

If you feel that the site to be nominated
meets our criteria, then kindly proceed
on to the Awards  Nomination Form.

Should your browser be unable to support Forms, then simply send an E-mail to Subject; Couch of Judges. Please provide Your Name, E-mail Addy, Site Title, Site URL, Award Selected, & a Brief Description of the site which is being nominated within the body of the message.

One little side note. Please do not e-mail us asking when you will find out if your site has won. Our Couch of Judges views all of the sites submitted, in the order in which they are received, and it may take a day or five to review each site. We will then notify the intended recipients of our decision either way.

Please do not submit any site that does not fit into our criteria. Curious about the sites which have fit? Then, by all means, Kindly visit The Winner's of the various Mind's~Eye Awards.

The Awards Our Site Has Won

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We, the Couch of Judges, thank you for your participation, best of luck unto each of thee...
Bless'ed Be unto Thee

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