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Hight Yens, Eclectic Vitki of the Northern Tradition
Hight Ida, Natural Völu skilled in Childbirth Education

First and foremost, we would like to say Greetings and Salutations unto you, and thank you for taking the time to stop by…   ::cordial bow given unto you by us both::
We actually signed onto the WWW on 02/02/98 at 16:18:24 with our newly purchased Web-TV, and have compiled many wondrous pages, (over 125), since then consisting of personal runic and heathenistic realms, as well as the various points and views of two practicing paganistic individuals on yet another of Life's many wondrous paths towards Spiritual Freedom. Within this site you shall encounter various aspects of the eldar runic futharks, the northern spiritual traditions, eclectic witch magicks, recipes, astrology, numerology, gemology, herbology, philosophy, and so much more for you to peruse, so don't be shy… take the time and kindly wander with an open mind through 'The Kewel Ristar: futhark rune magick' where you just might find something excitedly new or wondrously different which we have carved out of cyber-space for all to enjoy, or to simply ponder over! After all, a mind is like a parachute... it only works when it has been opened !!!

Secondly; a bit about us~ Ladies first, Oh… yes dear, if you insist; I, Yens, consider myself to be an eclectic Vitki of the Northern Tradition, who is a retired handyman, if there is such a thing! I have been a seeker of the occult for just over 20 years, and found a wonderously welcome niche within the Northern Traditions in 1977. I am currently finishing up my third year of studies with The Denali Institute, and am attempting to put my scattered thoughts down on cyber paper through the use of our Site ::SG:: Well that's about it for me! I guess… ::LOL:: Mine Frowe, Ida, is a Natural Völu, (seeress), skilled in Childbirth Education. She is an RN who sadly must be careful of just who is aware of her religious preferences. She remembers first hearing her call to Craft while in high school. She had checked out Sybil Leek's glorious book, "Diary of a Witch" and the endless conflict within finally ended. Huzzah!! 24 years later, ::"…it's been that long- sheesh"::, she'll always be grateful for that book.

Our many interests include: Runic & Eclectic Magicks & all pertaining Information. Also pretty much anything mind–catching for us; such as the S.C.A, (Kingdom of Caid)… Faires, (Renaissance)… Stained Glass, (Personal Enjoyment)… Ancient History, (The Beginnings)… Some Present History, (Dealing with the NOW)… Future History, (Predictions)… Gardening, (Herbology)… Children, (Three ~ 2 sons & 1 daughter)… Awakenings, (Personal Enlightenment)… there is just so much more… I, Yens, personally, often attempt to make peoples take a second, or sometimes even a third look around at what they think they see, or perchance know, including their own Self. Ida erstwhile, enjoys watching me at whatever I may be in the process of stirring up. Waiting, all the while knowing that she shall have to step in and take over when things get out of hand, and oft beyond my control, which is all too frequent! But OH WHAT FUN !!!   {:^) "LOL" (^:}

Just so that you all know into what "religious category", (for lack of a better word), we place ourselves, it is that of Tru Norse Paganism, which is a careful combination of hedgecraft, (herbal lore, nature questing, healing skills, etc.), and the teachings of all the Æsir and Vanir alike, (galdR lore, seidR questing, rune skills, etc.). Our unique style is also to be considered as an alternate form of Asatru, for we are utterly and Tru-ly honour-bound to the god/desses of our proud ancestors. This journey then enables and empowers us with the ability to spiritually progess, yet all the while travel along the sadly forgotten or even oft mis-understood path of a Northern Traditional Eclectic Style.

Well, since I don't want to prattle on extensively…

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