Do You Wear Your Hammer ???

Although the following is neither a folk nor fae tale, it does however, strike a strong sense of pride within us, and hopefully you, the reader, as well. Knowing not where else to place this Question, but here amongst the ideals we are teaching to our children, with the thought in mind to further an understanding of what Asatrú represents to us here at The Kewel Ristar. For today the children learn what they are taught while tomorrow they act upon what they know.

Do you wear your Hammer
Around your neck each day?
Does it say 'I'm Asatru!'
Or is it tucked away?

Does your speech do credit
To Asatruar kind
Or do your friends have cause to doubt
Your cleanliness of mind?

Will you answer truly
When asked your state of faith?
Do you, in face of Christendom
Vanish like a wraith?

Do you search for knowledge
And credit Odhinn's aid?
Do you show Frigg's charity
and love that will not fade?

Have you defended clan and kin
Against the sland'rer's edge?
Or have you, by your nod,
Helped to drive the wedge?

Are you fost'ring hatred
In breast that should be clean?
Are you worthy of the task
Or are your motives mean?

What you do today, my friend,
Is how you shall be known.
And by inf'rence, all of US
By your actions, shown!

And thus do Asatruarfolk
All, each other represent!
In thought, and word and action.
In garb and temperament.

And we ALL represent the Gods
For from Them, we descend!
My Asatruar friend!

Do you wear your Hammer
For Asatruar Kind?
You must wear it on your clothing

Copyright 1995 Sylvia Stevens Source: Odhinnist Resource Page   

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