PERTHO  pertho

 Personalized Information 


Rune Number;
14 ~ 6  2nd Ætt


GaldR Sound;
peh, peh, peh, peh
a full, rounded sound which is
neither chopped nor prolonged.
poo, pah, pee, pay, poh





apple tree,
elder tree,
aspen tree,
beech tree

layered onyx

to percieve Örlog,
promoting fellowship,
all birthing mysteries,


 Mystical Meanings 

that twelfth know I,   if upon a tree
see I a hanged one hoisted on high:
thus I rist   the staves I do stain
so that down drops he and tells his tale.

  Pertho is one of the mysteries of the runes. As a container with the lots of life, pertho represents the vagaries of chance which can not be controlled. However the pieces fall, the player must move boldly taking what is cast and make up for in skill and wisdom any lack in the casting itself. It contains the mystery of the Nornic runes. It is the rune of the vitki, the one who seeks the mysteries of the cosmos through the understanding of synchronicity. It is the rune of the warrior who constantly tests himself against chance and luck. Magically it is luck in action, or gambling. It is the mystery of luck and life.

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 Further Understandings 

Chance to bring forth that witch is hidden,
freely enter the womb of the Great Goddess,
delightful in the moderate awareness of Wyrd.

  Representing the primal layers of Órlog and possessing the evolutionary force and hidden talents of one's full potential during this present incarnation, this cyclic rune is able to renew the spirit of all who seek knowledge from the Well of Mimir and are willing to meditate upon the suprising transformational changes derived from this daring venture. For it is here that one shall begin to realize the utter fellowship of true Spirit and the potency of mysticism within the mundane world. The action of free-will against the fetters of existing oppressive circumstances is often deadly in excess, but delightful in moderation. By being capable of manifesting that which was formerly hidden within one's own being, one may now continue into the grave mound of one's Soul to be born a-new through conscious development, although a portion of one's future rests upon elemental chance. Giving one the capability to think runically, Pertho enables the inititiate to come to know the immense womb of the Great Goddess Space and attain the vast knowledge held within the Fires of Energy. It is at this point which this true rune of wyrd manifests the awareness of that which should come of one's own workings, providing a constant change that always remains the same, if one is but unhindered by the conformity of the masses.

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