Date: Sun, 20 Sep 1998 13:01:30 (PDT-0800)

  We have received these following words through a series of correspondences about a site which should concern all parents, but especially those of us who are of the Polytheistic Faiths, for there is a suspicious site to be wary of. Our intent is not to create hits for this site, but to instead shut both it, and the persons responsible for it down, if indeed it is truly as devious as it seems.
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Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 16:14:01 -0700
From: Mauser
To: (Reweaving Mailing List)
Subject:[PP] Fwd: Warning (RESENDING)

  I took a look at this web page, and it is extremely bizarre. It seems to me that no 11 year-old boy I have ever met has ever cared so much about having a "girlfriend," and that if he did, his parents certainly wouldn't go all out the way he claims. Just plain weird. And he really does mention "kissing, hugging and touching" a lot, unlike most pre-puberty children I have met, or remember being. I certainly wouldn't let my daughter "enter." Ick... Scary.


Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 22:44:30 +0000
From: anonymous
Subject: (Fwd) [PP] Fwd: Warning (RESENDING)

MM All,
  I checked out this site and it is very strange. Not in the language of a child. I did make a report to the FBI's cybertip line for exploited children. I think any investigation of this needs to be left up to the professionals. In fact, any investigation by non-professionals may well alert the possible pedophile and interfere with a law enforcement investigation. I am not talking about alerting the community, but about investigating the info. Since there is no cure for pedophilia my goal is to get them all in jail where they can't hurt anyone. Following up on our emails to the FBI will hopefully produce a quick response. Unfortunately, they could have a heavy case load and not be able to respond in a timely manner. I really hope that's not the case.

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  Here is a bit of info I received and thought I would pass along for others to view and pass it along to others they know. If we get the message out maybe we can prevent anything bad happening



Subject: Warning
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 1998 23:15:02 EDT

Merry Meet!
  The following is a forward that the Cauldron has received concerning a possible child predator in the online pagan community. Parents, and all Wiccans/Pagans, please be aware of this, and pass this on to anyone you believe might be interested!!
 Bright Blessings,

------- Forwarded Message Follows -------

  This is a warning to all of you out there, especially young girls and/or their parents. There is a person named Faelan (or you may have heard him posting as his parents, Sarah and Jonathan) posting to Wicca, New Age and related sites. He claims to be an eleven year old child with "open-minded parents". He is running a "sweetheart contest" in which the "winner" (an approximately eleven year old girl) gets to go on a trip around the world in the year 2000. He also posts as his parents on pagan parenting sites, saying "Our son is a young romantic, and we give our children the freedom to enter into all positive human relationships for which they are ready. All parents with eligible daughters are encouraged to look at this site." This is fishy enough, but Akasha Ap Emrys from the Celtic Connection did a little background check and found that there have been no Aragorns in the entire Portland area for the past five years. (Faelan claims that his last name is Aragorn, and that he lives in Aragorn.) A look up of the PO Box and it's zip code revealed that it is in a hole-in- the-wall, un-manned sub-station, in a rather interesting Mall, located in an area called Eastport, in Portland, Oregon. Akasha's father, who is on staff at the Oregon Health Sciences University, in Portland, and who has worked as a school psychologist in both Portland, Oregon and western Washington, where this child was supposedly born, says he recalls no clinical psychologist in either state with the last name of Aragorn, or the man who is in the picture at their site. Akasha is reporting this person to the Post Master, at the central Post Office in Portland, with our concerns of a predator situation. I am sure he is not aware of the motive of the use of PO Box, and I would rather doubt that he is as "open-minded" as this party would like. You don't need to take action such as recording the site to be used as evidence later, or reporting this to the police. All I ask is that you post this wherever you know this person could be lurking especially to pagan sites. This is the down-side of having an open-minded, accepting community. Undesireables can shake everything up. However, being as close-knit as we are, we can help to nip this thing in the bud. PLEASE FORWARD OR PARAPHRASE THIS AND SEND IT OUT TO AS MANY CHAT ROOMS, BBS'S FORUMS, ETC. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. WE NEED TO GET RID OF THIS INFLUENCE.
  Faelen's website can be viewed at:

"We're the fire of transformation,
And the winds of change that blow."


Date: Mon, 21 Sep 1998 15:58:08 EDT

  Here are some pertinent things that occurred to me, via the little voice of intuition. All these things certainly could have ran across your minds, too; I'm just thinking aloud here.
  #1   you asked what you should do...What popped into my head is that my local news has a "cyber guy" who cruises the internet for his stories. Something like this, a possible fraud/predator, on the heels of that internet birth and fake internet loss of virginity, seems like even hotter news appeal for the media. I will send a copy of the letter to "the cyber guy," and if your local news has anything like that, you should consider doing the same.
  #2   It is entirely possible that this *is* a child, parroting what his disturbed parents have taught him is right. They may be using him without him knowing that they have ulterior motives. What could those motives be? Well, the obvious has already sprung to the minds of many, it seems, but what I'm hearing is this: look at those pictures and read the descriptions of interests--the father builds dollhouses and the things that pop into my head when I look at the pictures is "disturbed," "powerless," "daughterless" and a few others. Daughterless may be the key. This whole web site lures little girls in with the promise of a boyfriend and recognition of "maturity." That in itself is basic for a predator, yes, but look at the pictures of the "mother" and see what comes to mind. This leads to #3.
  #3   When I read Europe/North Africa, what popped into my mind was the Middle East. Children have a way of disappearing there, and parents have to resort to illegal/kidnapping means to get their children back, often. I'm not in any way insinuating that the Middle East is full bad, or is full of bad people--only that the opportunity to take a child away is more possible there. The people who do it are bad, not the area. If people wanted a child, by any means necessary, the six month "vacation gives them a lot of time to disappear.
  #4   "Faelen" makes many *statements* about how things will go--not possibilities, or requests, but, basically, demands--what pops into mind is "But eventually, your parents will have to trust us," "I will come to your house," "you will pick me up at the airport." What kind of normal parent teaches their children to make such demands? ie: "you and your parents will pick me up at the airport or train station, and I will be your guest in your house." and "But at some point your parents will have to trust my family"
  #5   "Faelen" also does a pretty good psychological maneuver to get the kids to question and rebel against their parents.   "Have nice parents who believe that love and touching are good, and think that you should have the freedom to do all these things."   "Parents who think it is BAD for their daughter to have a boy to hold hands with, kiss, hug, and snuggle with, shouldn't even let you write to me in the first place. THIS CONTEST ISN'T FOR YOU."   " Only in the 20th century did parents start thinking love was bad until 16 or 18 years old" (once again, parents are the bad guys, since he uses "Parents," not society, but parents. )   "people who don't think kids have feelings,"   Initially, it helps get the girls on his side, making them want to pursue this harder than normal, but after this "contest" is fulfilled, it certainly would seem that it would make it easier for a kidnapper to convince the child that her parents don't care about her, after all, they DID send her away. At that time, the amount of fun and money shows that the girl is more loved and cared about there, than at home.
  #6   The money thing is odd. The wife is a stay-at-home mother, and the husband makes $50,000 a year--that's not rich, by any means, when supporting three children. It seems that an adult would know this, but a child would be more inclined to think that that is big money. This is another thing that leads me to believe that "Faelen" is real, but the real purpose of this is not what even HE thinks it is. I do, totally, believe that an adult at least had a heavy influence on the actual writing of this page. An 11 year old wouldn't call a girl a "sweetheart" and he wouldn't know what a "prude" is. Slender? Wouldn't most kids say skinny? "Specs"?  "I'm not ready for love making yet, but I will be someday" This would scare the you-know-what out of most girls that age. This is the time that girls are in love with the tv and movie stars, and the most intimate relationship that they are ready for, psychologically, is the safety of a poster and fantasy.
  #7   The adults may indeed have the degrees claimed. Keep in mind that, unfortunately, some of the people who get into the "help" professions, like teaching, social work, and psychology do so to prey on helpless people. My sister has a degree in psychology. Did you know that for a student to advance to candidacy, they must have had experience with a psychologist/therapist/psychiatrist? Many of us have had experiences with them, but we can't know WHY these people had contact with them--could be benign, could be something VERY serious. A question that comes up is about why the father has had so many jobs? Has he been fired? Do they move and have a past that they need to hide? Do they "disappear" often?

  This is what I wrote to "the cyber guy"; if you are going to contact someone like this guy, please feel free to use it:
  ***I'm hoping that you will be interested in this possible story, and help concerned parents to investigate what may be a disguised on-line predator. As a webring manager, my members often send me news and questions; the latest was about a suspect site for our groups and friends to be aware of. The premise of this site is a contest to find a girlfriend for an 11 year old boy whose parents believe that children should be able to do whatever they feel ready for--he mentions kissing, snuggling, touching, and he even goes so far as to say that though he isn't ready for love making yet, he'll be ready someday--remember, this is "an eleven year old boy." Part of this "contest" is a six month trip to Europe with his "parents," the possibility of a future residence WITH him, the possibility of marriage at 16, and a college fund. This person is posting his "contest" on parenting boards and places that children frequent. Apparently some investigating has been done, and, according to the original alert message, "A look up of the PO Box and it's zip code revealed that it is in a hole-in-the-wall, un-manned sub-station, in a rather interesting Mall, located in an area called Eastport, in Portland, Oregon."
  Is this raising your eyebrows? Please take a look at the website--    ******


To: the reader
Date; 21 Sept, 1998
Subject: These Page Contents

  I have written to the  Celtic Connection  to verify their participation and as yet have had no response, (Now I have, & it follows these words of mine), however that should not stop you from passing these words on, for this is a problem not restricted to geography, but is indeed, a World Community crisis – for the WWW makes for easier access to a greater community at large. It has been checked, and the website provider for that site is based in Portland, Oregon, everything points to the fact that they are currently "working" this project out of Oregon. Any way you look at it, (kid in a family or child predator), in my own opinion, the person needs major help and shouldn't be trusted.


From: (Herne)
Date: Sat, Sept 26, 1998, 1:58am
Subject: Re: help needed...

  Yes Akasha and I both have done some research on this situation when he began posting in my message areas trying to promote it. I was at his site within a few hours checking it out and I've down loaded copies of each page for future reference should they mysteriously disappear. I've also contacted the host and filed a formal complaint with them and the Portland D.A's office. Since I live in Oregon, I did a directory assistance search under the parents names and they do live in Ptld, but have an unlisted number... I was very interested in talking with them... I also Emailed the account over a week ago but haven't gotten a reply... Doesn't surprise me in the least... This is definitely the work of someone much older trying to lure young girls into a dangerous situation...
Gentle Breezes!


From: (maura mccay)
Date: Sat, Sep 26, 1998, 9:55pm
Subject: Pedophile Predator

  Over the past several days, we have received several messages relating to a pedophile predator on the internet. Please be advised that The Celtic Connection referred to in these transmissions IS NOT The Celtic Connection newspaper based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Our website located at:   is not aware of the situation referred to in these transmissions. Please check the address of the site referred to and when referring to the address where this predator is allegedly lurking, please be specific and take care not confuse this issue with our website. a registered domain name and The Celtic Connection newspaper covers a broad range of Celtic news and information for the Irish, Scottish and Welsh communities in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.
Your attention to this matter would be most appreciated.
Maura McCay


From: (Linda Berg)
Date: Sun, Sep 27, 1998, 2:40pm

I am forwarding the FBI a copy of the original chainletter; they really should get all information about this. Either its a hoax (in which case people are being maliciously slandered) or someone somewhere needs a serious visit from some feds. I have already sent info to CIAC (not CIA as I typo'd once), and that was CIAC's reaction. The response from CIAC also pointed something out; BE REALLY CAREFUL ABOUT FORWARDING ANY CHAIN LETTER WHICH MENTIONS AN INDIVIDUAL'S NAME(S) SPECIFICALLY - YOU (yes, you personally) could be sued for liable. I would imagine this caveat also applies to web sites. Anyhow I went surfing at I did a search on "pedophile", and found this site:  The site states:
Operation Innocent Images - Major Case 110
This is a large-scale investigation, initiated by the Baltimore Division, of child pornography and pedophile activity on the Internet. The primary objective of Innocent Images is to identify and develop prosecutable cases on those individuals who use commercial and private Bulletin Board Systems (BBSs) to recruit minors into illicit sexual relationships or electronically distribute pornographic images of minors, in violation of federal law. The technological, operational, and legal advances made by the FBI in this investigation will benefit the law enforcement community for many years. If you have information about child pornography or other matters on the Internet which you may believe to be illegal, contact the FBI's Baltimore Office at
So I have sent email to



Internet Pedophilia Risks Weighed
Associated Press Writer-
PARIS (AP) - A UNESCO conference urged Internet providers and parents Tuesday to combat pedophilia on the Internet but stopped short of calling for the global legal framework many had hoped for.
        Some of those attending the conference of the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization said the recommendations, passed by 325 experts from 40 countries, were not tough enough.
        ``The plan of action doesn't deal with the specific dangers of child pornography and pedophilia in cyberspace,'' such as chat groups, said Debbie Mahoney, president of the California-based Safeguarding Our Children _ United Mothers.
        Before, pedophiles were isolated, said Mahoney, whose 10-year-old son was abused 37 times by a neighbor. ``Now they are online, telling each other that they're OK.''
        But experts said they ran into the problem of differing definitions of pornography throughout the world, and different ages of consent.
        ``It is difficult to come up with common standards when we don't even have an internationally established definition of child pornography,'' said Ofelia Calcetas-Santos of the Philippines, a U.N. expert on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography.
        The UNESCO conference, which ended Tuesday, called for self-regulation among Internet providers to prevent children from becoming victims of abuse and to make sure the 15 million kids surfing the Internet don't see the sordid scenes of child pornography accessible on many Web sites.
        The plan of action also calls for UNESCO to play a key role in collecting and diffusing legal information concerning pedophilia and child pornography online. And it calls for close cooperation among governments, international agencies, the computer industry, educators and the media.
        The plan recommends that parents use filters and screening tools and calls for aggressive information campaigns about the long-term harm suffered by sexually abused children.
        It also urges the creation of national hot lines and an international ``electronic watch tower'' where abused children and their families can turn for immediate help.
        ``UNESCO has a real, vital role to play in forcing the Internet service providers to confront the issues,'' said Agnes Fourier de Saint-Mauri, who heads Interpol's special group on crimes against minors.
        The emphasis on self-regulation among providers disappointed some attendees. Malta Marcovich, of France's Movement Against Pornography and Prostitution, called it ``ridiculous.''
        ``We have laws against the incitement of racial hatred. We need similar laws to combat the incitement of child pornography and pedophilia,'' Marcovich said.


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